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Sue grew up in time when Facetime meant meeting someone in person, mobile phones were for salespeople, bike helmets were optional, home computers were for Chicago students hacking into school records (Save Ferris) and if you worked in professional services firm, pantihose were mandatory.

As a young honours graduate, Sue’s “It’s A Wonderful Life Moment” came when as an emerging scientist she realised her passion was in understanding and leveraging culture for change, rather than observing it under a microscope.  Serendipitously a Big Four firm adopted her, sparking a life-long love of working in professional services firms.

Over the last two decades Sue has built a reputation for driving, designing and executing ‘next practice’ in the areas of strategy, organisational development, change, communications, marketing, business development, and knowledge; whilst immersing herself in the explosion of mobility and digital. Her breadth of experience extends across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, spanning architecture, accounting, design, construction, consulting and now engineering as the Director, Eminence & Capability at Aurecon.

In her current role, Sue designs and executes strategies to drive technical excellence and impeccable delivery on projects, elevate eminent professionals in the market, advance transdisciplinary design and design thinking skills for technical experts (including a dedicated Design Academy) and provides opportunities and experiences to stimulate, motivate and retain Aurecon’s most talented minds.

Sue has a Master of Arts, a Graduate Diploma (Communications), Honours in applied science; and is Prosci and MBTI accredited. She has shared her thoughts in numerous papers and regularly presents at national and international conferences. 


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