Christophe Aubry

Expert System

Picture of Christophe AubryChristophe Aubry is the Chief Executive Officer of Expert System for North America. A strategic technology leader focused on delivering solutions that solve customer pain points, he has dedicated the last 20 years of his career to create business value for clients worldwide. Christophe started his career as a Product Leader at IBM in the early stages of data and text mining.  As a co-founder and Vice President of Professional Services at TEMIS for more than 10 years, he molded  talents to reach their highest potential  while supervising customer deployments in all geographies and leading strategic service activities. His favorite quote is “A company’s employees are its greatest assets and your people are your product”. Christophe has a deep understanding and passion for NLP, machine learning, cognitive A.I. and analytics. He holds a master’s degree in mathematical and computer sciences.

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