Theresa Dixon

Program Analyst
U.S. State Department

Theresa has focused her professional energies on the convergence of security, technology, and diplomacy in the public sector.  With over ten years of experience as a federal employee, Theresa is an expert in technical security programming, managing innovation initiatives within the federal government, and developing and applying technology policy.

Theresa is a frequent champion of innovative projects customized to the specific needs of federal offices.  Her latest projects on behalf of the State Department Operations Center, the 24/7 nerve center of the Department of State, focused on leveraging technology solutions and drafting policies to ensure the Secretary of State and the Department's most senior staff have the information and communication resources they need to make US foreign policy decisions at any time of the day or night.

Outside of her direct work responsibilities, Theresa is a strong advocate for STEM education programs and promoting American educational initiatives abroad.  She frequently presented and instructed on STEM topics while posted at US Embassies Montevideo, Uruguay and Baku, Azerbaijan.

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