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KMWorld 2022 Presentations

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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Welcome & Keynote: People Driving Knowledge Sharing: Sense- Making Frameworks, Tools, & Strategies
Keynote: Cross-Team Collaboration for Knowledge Discovery
Dave Clarke - 0930_Clarke.pdf
Keynote: Thrive Despite the Great Resignation by Retaining and Delivering Knowledge Across the Enterprise
Jeff Evernham - 0945_Evernham.pdf
Keynote: Developing & Successfully Using Powerful Recommender Systems
Andreas Blumauer - 1000_Blumauer(1).pdf
How Lessons Learned Can Support Substantial Savings
Storytelling as Strategy: How Narrative Shapes Knowledge
Johel Brown-Grant - A102_Brown-Grant.pptx
Road Maps & Roadblocks to Federal Electronic Records Management
Simmons & Pitts - A103_Simmons.pdf
Collaborative KM Informing State Department Policy
Wyatt & Dixon - A104_Wyatt.pptx
Transforming Knowledge Flows
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Enterprise of the Future: Hybrid Work
Organizing Intranet Content for Maximum Usability
Katie Stone - B102_Stone.pptx
Viva Connections: Taking Intranets to the Next Level
Susan S. Hanley - B103_Hanley.pdf
Shaping the Digital Employee Experience: People-First Approach
Krasnopolski & Rodgers - B104_Krasnopolski.pdf
Intranet & Digital Workplace Award Winners Showcase
Rebecca Rodgers - B105_Rodgers.mp4
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase
Closing the Gap of Knowledge Between Humans & Machines With AI & Natural Language Processing
David Nahamoo - C101_Nahamoo(1).ppsx
How to Reset Your Culture for the Next-Normal World
James Kerr - C102_Kerr.pptx
The Magic Behind High-Performing Teams
Mark Cruth - C103_Cruth.pdf
Mastering Knowledge in the Metaverse
Tony Rhem - C104_Rhem.pdf
Industry Leaders Share KM Insights
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Keynote: Management Meets Information Science Meets Data Science
Lambe, Roth, Zadonsky & Clarke - 0830_Lambe.pptx
Keynote: Unlocking Value From Unstructured Language Data to Scale AI & Automation
Christophe Aubry - 0915_Aubry.pdf
Keynote: Intelligent Content: Taxonomy, Findability & Delivery
Chip Gettinger - 0930_Gettinger.pptx
Keynote: The Knowledge Hub: Transform Contact Center Agents to Super-Agents
JPL’s Institutional Knowledge Graph: Semantic Datasets
Schrader & Bernath - A201_Schrader.pptx
Committing to a KM Standard ISO 30401 Audit
Roth & Eng - A202_Roth(1).pdf
Taming the ‘Digital Hairball’: Exponentially Growing Knowledgebases
Art Murray - A203_Murray.pdf
Technology Hosting Decisions for KM Systems: Cloud or On-Prem?
Journey to KM Excellence: Quality Information Access & Findability
Nicole Yanko - A205_Yanko.pptx
Flanagan-Bouchard & Mattaliano - A205_Flanagan-Bouchard.pptx
What the Titanic Taught Us About Responsible AI
Accelerating Competitive Edge: Setting the Proper Conditions for KM & AI
Jaronski & Padgett - B202_Jaronski.pptx
Building an Innovative Learning Ecosystem at Scale With Graph Technologies
Fahlberg & Simpson - B203_Fahlberg.pdf
Ontologies for Knowledge Workers
Beth Rudden - B204_Rudden.pptx
Making Digital Communities of Practice Work
Knowledge Sharing Centers: Quantifiable Benefits
Noah Davison - C201_Davison(1).pptx
Redefining the Knowledge Manager
Next-Gen KM: Inclusive Knowledge Transfer & Sharing
Morgan King - C203-204_King.pptx
Sarah Jacobson - C203-204_Jacobson.pptx
Next-Gen KM: Inclusive Knowledge Transfer & Sharing
Digital Engagement With KM: Industry Leaders Share Insights
John Chmaj - C205_Chmaj.pptx
Communities of Interest
Stan Garfield - 1730_Garfield.docx

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Quotient: Tools for Building
Gary Klein - 0830_Klein.pdf
Keynote: Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture with Viva Topics
Naomi Moneypenny - 0915_Moneypenny.pptx
Keynote: ‘Just Make It Work Like Google’
Kamran Khan - 0930_Khan.pptx
Keynote: Designing an Exceptional Search Experience: Start With the End in Mind
Patrick Hoeffel - 0945_Hoeffel.pptx
KMWorld Knowledge Cafe & Mentoring Mixer
Stan Garfield - 1015_Garfield.docx
Complex Facilitation: Hands On Learning Experience
Keynote Luncheon: Knowledge Graphs Improve Enterprise Search
KMWorld Awards
Learning & KM Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly
Glover & Viles - A301_Glover.pdf
Building a KM Center of Excellence Within L&D
Duffy & Warsky - A302_Duffy(2).pptx
KM Transformation & Manifesto
Alina Rafaila - A303_Rafaila.pptx
Knowledge Engineering: “The Last Mile” of Artificial Intelligence
Facilitating Teams & Collaborative Work: Platform & Culture
Klatt & Luthi - B302_Klatt.pdf
Zombie Knowledge: Repurposing & Revitalizing Outdated Knowledge
Patrick Lambe - B303_Lambe.pdf
Collaborating With Cloud Computing: Microsoft Versus Amazon
Patrick & Patrick - C301_Patrick.pdf
KM Techniques & Experiences in Action
Boersma & Spitzberg - C302_Boersma.pdf
Developing a KM Strategy & Framework: Lessons Learned & Shared
Price, Apple & Liebowitz - C303_Price.pptx
Liebowitz, Price & Apple - C303_Liebowitz.pdf
Keynote: Knowledge Automation: AI & The Future Of Work
Closing Keynote: Lessons Learned at KMWorld
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