James Kerr

Indispensable Consulting
Author, Indispensable—Build and Lead a Company Customers Can’t Live Without


James M. Kerr is a management consultant, leadership coach, keynote speaker, author and columnist. He has consulted to, and coached leaders at, many well-known organizations including The Home Depot, BIC, Accenture, Mitsumi Sumitomo and General Dynamics, to name a few.

Jim is an expert in the development and implementation of multi-faceted change initiatives centered on vision and strategy, culture redesign and organizational effectiveness. Indeed, Jim enjoys forging new ideas and devising practical solutions to client's broadly relevant business problems, while shape-shifting them into opportunities for their success.

Additionally, he hosts the popular The Indispensable Conversation podcast, which features authentic conversations about real topics that impact leaders of all kinds - all in a one guest, one provocative question, one indispensable conversation format. .

His work has earned several industry awards, as well, including the highly renowned Global Gurus Top 30 Organizational Culture Award (2022), LeadersHum Top 10 Leadership Power Ranking List and several Thinkers360 Top 10 Worldwide Thinkers awards in the categories of Leadership, Strategy, Culture and The Future of Work.

His latest book, Indispensable: Build and Lead a Company Customers Can't Live Without, (Humanix Books, 2021) has garnered rave reviews by business leaders and the trade press. Work has begun on his 7th book, which he hopes to complete in 2023.



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