Eric Domeshek

AI Project Manager & Senior Scientist
Stottler Henke Associates Inc.

<>Eric Domeshek, Ph.D., is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Project Manager and Senior Scientist at Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.  He has nearly forty years of experience in advanced software design, implementation, and management.  His work has focused on applying AI to knowledge management, decision support,   system design, and training.

Dr. Domeshek has published extensively on advanced training systems and other applications of case-based reasoning (CBR). CBR provides theory and technology for capturing and exploiting experience.  His work has explored different kinds of task and decision support experiences; different ways of packaging experience for storage and reuse; and different ways of indexing and retrieving stored experiences.

Dr. Domeshek earned a Ph.D. from Yale University in Computer Science, specializing in AI, and with a focus on CBR.  His thesis laid the groundwork for subsequent work on experience capture and retrieval for decision support.

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