Alina Rafaila

Knowledge Management Leader for PwC Tax, Legal & People in Europe,Middle East and Africa

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I have 25 years of experience in PwC and 15 years of experience in Knowledge Management (KM).

My current position is EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Knowledge Management Leader for Tax, Legal & People  services in PwC. I lead a network of 220 knowledge specialists located in 60 countries and we connect globally with 300+ knowledge managers in 85 territories.Together, we form an interconnected web of knowledge-sharing brilliance, fostering seamless collaboration and innovation across borders.

My role involves working closely with various stakeholders within the organization. I collaborate with the Business to implement a robust KM strategy, aligning it with our company's vision and goals. I also collaborate with Technology teams to identify and implement cutting-edge KM tools and solutions, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in our knowledge management endeavors. Additionally, I work hand-in-hand with the Clients & Markets team to prioritize go-to-market strategies that are informed by our shared knowledge. Furthermore, I engage with the Transformation & Innovation network, disseminating best practices and pioneering client-centric approaches that set us apart in the industry. I currently lead the KM workstream for Generative AI global project for Tax, Legal and People (Harvey).

I have a double degree in Economics and Law. I am a Chartered Tax Consultant with the Romanian Chamber of Tax Consultants, a Certified Knowledge manager by the KM Institute in Switzerland, and a Certified Business Intelligence Expert from the Ministry of Education in Romania.


I have graduated from the "Applying KM in Practice" program at the University of Oxford. I have completed the "Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption" course at INSEAD, Singapore. As part of my commitment to leadership excellence, I have successfully completed the "Executive Leadership Program" at Said Business School, Oxford University. I graduated the Leadership Development Intensive program offered by Moving Mountains, fostering a transformative leadership style. I am a certified coach from the Business Coaching Academy of PwC CEE, honing my coaching and mentoring abilities to empower future leaders.

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