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Gloria Burke

Global Director, Knowledge Management

Picture of Gloria Burke Gloria is an internationally recognized knowledge management and IT digital transformation senior leader with a proven track record of success in helping companies harness the power of emergent technologies to deliver game-changing business results. She is an effective communicator and motivator of people skilled in developing effective change management strategies to transform corporate cultures and optimize business processes to maximize value from knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

Gloria’s 28+ years of KM expertise spans the spectrum of enterprise business transformation related to creating knowledge centers of excellence, communities of practice and socially-enabled networks, and IT process integration optimization models, critical knowledge transfer programs, as well as human capital and change management strategies.

Gloria is a published author, award-winning industry thought leader and conference speaker on the topics knowledge management, enterprise collaborative networks, the future workplace, and culture transformation. She has been is a KMWorld session track moderator, keynote panelist speakker for the past 15 years. The firms where she has worked have all achieved the" Make Award" or “Top 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management”.  Information Week Magazine has named her #2 in the “Top Ten Social Business Transformation Leaders” for two consecutive years.

Gloria is known for being able to translate complex issues into pragmatic solutions that help organizations move forward. Valued by senior leadership, sales, and client delivery teams as a business partner, she works across all levels of an organization to drive knowledge sharing, foster collaboration, and build capabilities that deliver meaningful business results.

Prior Experience:

  • Managing Director, Knowledge Management, Charles Schwab
  • Global Knowledge Leader, Risk Advisory Practice, Deloitte
  • Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Portfolio Leader, KM and Digital Transformation, Unisys
  • Global Knowledge Leader, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Chief Investor Relations Officer, Life Re

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