KMWorld 2017 Conference Program

Join us as we explore and share how successful knowledge management can transform any organization. Our KMWorld program includes 4 days of programming, with pre-conference workshops, keynote sessions, and 9 conference tracks. Please take the opportunity to explore tracks on: KM Strategies & Practices: People, Digital Workspace of the Future, Social Collaboration, KM Strategies & Practices: Processes, KM Tools & Techniques, Learning, Change, & Culture, KM Strategies & Practices: Value & Management, Innovation, Future-Proofing & Cognitive Tech, and Content, Knowledge & Learning from Failure.

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Track B: KM Tools & Techniques

Chris McGrath, Principal, One Intranets Inc.

B201. Design Thinking for Digital Workplace Tech Selection

Wednesday, November 8: 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

As enterprises transition from traditional intranets to employee-centric digital workplaces, technology decisions around employee experience become more complex — but also more significant. How do you make the right choice for your particular needs? This fast-paced session by and experienced industry analyst offers an adaptive methodology for making effective strategic and technology decisions. Learn a modern approach to evaluating and selecting digital workplace technology that will save you time and money, as well as reduce risks!


, Managing Director & Analyst, Real Story Group


B202. Chatbots: Transforming Mobile Intranets

Wednesday, November 8: 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

What are chatbots? What is conversational UI? Why are experts calling chatbots “the next big thing for internal communications”? Through live demos and examples, learn how you can use chatbots to deploy a mobile intranet that is far more effective than ever before. Highlights include demos of eight different chatbots, a look at six core use cases for chatbots, 10 reasons why chatbots will power the next generation of mobile intranets, how advances in AI have made modern chatbots possible, and why the speech-bubble interface is a chatbot’s greatest advantage.


, Principal, One Intranets Inc.


B203. Industry Experts Share!

Wednesday, November 8: 1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

This mini-workshop features a number of experts who share techniques, tools, and tips for improving your KM practices.Hanleydiscuses some of the multiple ways to connect and collaborate in Office 365—Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Yammer, Email—and provides guidance and a framework to help you make the right choices for your organization to help your users get real work done in a hyper-connected world.Stormvingetalks about intelligent swarming, sometimes called “collaboration of steroids,” a new way of aligning resources to work. It removes the traditional tiers of support and calls on the collective experience of a “swarm” of analysts for improved operational efficiency, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. Stormvinge shares how integration goals can help optimize collaboration and collective ownership of knowledge and how a KM strategy such as intelligent swarming can help with skills development, optimizing people’s ability to create value and improve customer success through improved problem solving. Goodfellowprovides search strategy tips and talks about the benefits of adding ‘where” to the “who, what, when” of search.Connorsdiscusses theuse of digital technology, knowledge management and applied AI to deliver business strategy.  He shares the success strategies for several clients so you will take away lots of ideas and insights. Chamberslooks at modern intranets and discusses what it takes to launch a successful intranet, bringing together elements such as apps, social, analytics, personalization and more into a perfectly integrated hub. He illustrates with business case studies from Egon Zehnder and Hershey’s, who have benefited from digital workplace integration. 


, President, Susan Hanley LLC and Intranet Consultant, Microsoft MVP

, Head, Training & Consulting, ComAround

, COO, Voyager Search

, Head, Digital Transformation Team, eGain Worldwide

, SVP, Unily Sales & Evangelism, BrightStarr


B204. Industry Experts Share!

Wednesday, November 8: 2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

This is a continuation of session B203.


B205. Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban?

Wednesday, November 8: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Agile is on everyone’s mind today, as more and more organizations are eager to reap the benefits of rapid iterations using customer-centric approaches. Organizations tend to run to Scrum first because it is the most recognized agile framework. But is Scrum always the right answer for a team and a business? Araya discusses the types of scenarios and projects in which Scrum may not be a good fit. She shares other frameworks—including Kanban and Scrumban—as potential alternatives to consider to ensure teams and projects select the right fit and can deliver great software efficiently. Some considerations include organizational culture, size of teams, team composition, types of work, industry requirements, overall project size, and type of project. Go back to your organizations and confidently select the right frameworks for your current and future roles and projects—and explain to management why the framework chosen is appropriate.


, Agile Leader, PhishMe and BrightLogic


Communities of Interest

Wednesday, November 8: 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Join your colleagues at the end of the day for an informal debriefing and meet with other attendees who have similar interests. Enjoy some great networking, stimulating discussions, and a chance to interact with some of the outstanding conference speakers and moderators. Open to all conference attendees.

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