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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Keynote - People & Tech: The Future of Knowledge Sharing
John Seely Brown - 0845_Seely_Brown.pdf
Keynote - Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Dave Clarke - 0945_Clarke.pdf
Harnessing the Millennial’s Intrinsic Motivation to Share
Cook, Rimbach & V_M - A101_Cook.pdf
Building a New Customer-Facing Collaborative Environment
Versola & Tirpak - A102_Versola.pptx
Minimizing Expert Exhaustion
Industry Leaders Conversation
Pat Byrd - A104_Byrd.pdf
Project Knowledge Sharing & Social Learning Communities
Rima Al-Awadhi - A105_Al-Awadhi.pptx
Transforming Portals Into Digital Workspaces
Romano & Denecke - B101_Romano.docx
Romano & Denecke - B101_Romano.pptx
St._Clair & Larson - B101_St_Clair.pdf
St._Clair & Larson - B101_St_Clair(1).pdf
Employee Experience: Heart of the Digital Workplace
James Robertson - B102_Robertson.pdf
SharePoint for KM: Tips & Tools
Versola & Tirpak - B103_Versola.pptx
Nick Thorpe - B103_Thorpe.pptx
Jeff Fried - B103_Fried.pptx
SharePoint for KM: Tips & Tools
Making a Digital Workplace Work & Inspiration From Intranet Award-Winners
Magda Ismail - B105_Ismail.pptx
Pelayo & Feldman - B105_Pelayo.pdf
Stories & Storms
Kirsten Sydendal - C101_Sydendal.pdf
Storms & Stories
Knowledge (in) Jeopardy
Arno Boersma - C103_Boersma.pdf
Collaborative Tools & Solutions
Alberto Rodriguez - C104_Rodriguez.pptx
Cory Cannon - C104_Cannon.pdf
Supporting Grassroots Communities of Learning
Wyatt & Russell - C105_Wyatt.pptx
Onkar Chandel - C105_Chandel.pdf

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

KMWorld & Intranet Innovation Awards
Keynote - Wow, Woo, Win: KM for Customer Delight
Keynote - Relevance Maturity Model: Revolutionizing With AI-Powered Search
Diane Tetrault - 0930_Tetrault.pptx
Keynote - Energizing Communities of Practice
Making the Unknown Known
Peter Barcelo Jr. - A201_Barcelo_Jr.pptx
Building Bridges While They Cross
Banking on KM: A Journey
Lee & Groff - A203_Lee.pdf
Knowledge Continuity & Knowledge Transfer of Retiring Expertise
Tony Melendez - A204_Melendez.pptx
Using Business & Social Transformation to Impact Culture & Productivity
Filip Callewaert - A205_Callewaert.pdf
Stuart Janzen - A205_Janzen.pptx
Thomas Vander Wal - Download presentation here
Communities of Interest
Design Thinking for Digital Workplace Tech Selection
Chatbots: Transforming Mobile Intranets
Industry Experts Share!
Susan S. Hanley - B203_Hanley.pptx
John Connors - B203_Connors.pptx
Lena Stormvinge - B203_Stormvinge.pdf
Kris Goodfellow - B203_Goodfellow.pptx
Industry Experts Share!
Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban?
Heidi Araya - B205_Araya.pdf
Communities of Interest
Intuition & Risk-Taking for Breakthrough Innovation & Growth
Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast—Or Does It?
Viles & Glover - C202_Viles.pptx
Glover & Viles - C202_Glover(1).pptx
Produce Team Learning: Virtual & Collocated
Nancy Dixon - C203_Dixon.pptx
Building Smarter Organizations: Accelerate Decision Making, Info Flows, & Open Mindsets
Gordon Vala-Webb - C204_Vala-Webb.pdf
Industry Leaders Conversation: Change, Culture, & Learning
Kim Glover - C205_Glover.pptx
Communities of Interest

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Keynote - KM Buy-In: Proven Practices
Stan Garfield - 0845_Garfield.pptx
Keynote - Beyond the Box: How Search Is Driving Data Access in a Hybrid World
Knowledge Café - Mentoring Morning
Stan Garfield - 1015_Garfield.docx
Attendee Luncheon Keynote - Cognitive Search & Analytics: What It Is & Why You Should Care
Transformation in the Age of Agile
Driving Measurable Value: Practical & Data-Driven Approaches
The Math of KM: Modeling Margins
Katrina B Pugh - A305_Pugh.pdf
How KM Enables Innovation
Bullock & Woodson - B303_Bullock.pptx
Future-Proofing: The Collaborator’s Toolkit
Cognitive Computing & AI Working Together in KM
Top Trends in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Harnessing Company Knowledge
Frank Cervone - C304_Cervone.pptx
Learning From Failure: Driving Organizations to Greatness
Leeb & Glover - C305_Leeb.pptx
Keynote - Creating Unified Views of Data With Semantic Graphs
Closing Keynote - KM in the Age of Digital Transformation: Magic Sauce for a Successful Future
Jeanne Holm - 1615_Holm.pptx

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