Enterprise Solutions Showcase

The Enterprise Solutions Showcase will feature the top companies in the KM, CM, search, taxonomy, and intranets marketplace, offering attendees an opportunity to explore all of the latest in product and service solutions. If you are looking for a particular product, evaluating competing systems, or keeping up with the latest trends and developments, be sure to visit the Enterprise Solutions Showcase which will be open during the following hours:

Monday, November 6 | 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 7 | 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Networking Happy Hour 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 8 | 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Diamond Sponsors

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Relevance is what creates a differentiated digital workplace experience. Coveo is the world’s leading cloud-based relevance platform that acts as an intelligence layer, injecting relevance into the digital workplace with AI-powered solutions spanning from intelligent search through to knowledge recommendations for intranet search, employee self-service, and departmental knowledge needs. Coveo has more than 1,500 successful implementations around the world, with clients including Tableau, Dell, Palo Alto, Xero and Motorola Solutions. Coveo is supported by a network of accredited global partners, integrators and alliances, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Accenture, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.

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To thrive in today's business world, a company must do more than manage and store knowledge. True long-term value lies in effectively capitalizing on organizational intellectual assets to drive innovation and progress.

Deloitte's Knowledge CapitalTM practice helps companies turn their knowledge assets into a driver of business growth. Our team of experts delves deep into your organization to craft intricate knowledge structures and strategies that put employees first, ensuring that knowledge capital is utilized in the most effective and profitable ways possible.

Stop managing and start capitalizing.

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eGain Knowledge Hub automates and orchestrates customer engagement across touch points. Powered by AI and analytics, our secure cloud solution delivers personalized digital-first experiences, quick business value, and easy innovation. Visit www.eGain.com for more info.

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Making the search experience better should be a top priority for every company. Lucidworks and Google Cloud deliver a complete search, discovery, and knowledge management solution for retail/merchandising/commerce, service/support, and enterprise workplace applications. With Lucidworks and Google Cloud, search professionals get a scalable, complete, best-of-industry solution through a proven partnership and delivery model.

Booth 109
Pureinsights Technology Corp.

Pureinsights has deep expertise building search applications with conventional search engines. Now we can take you "Beyond Search", using Generative AI models like ChatGPT and Google Bard together with Vector Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Natural Language Processing to modernize your organization's search capabilities and deliver the intuitive search experience users want. "Just make it work like Google."

Booth 300
SearchBlox Software, Inc.

SearchBlox SearchAI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the way we retrieve information. Instead of relying solely on keywords, SearchAI understands natural language, semantics, and user intent, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results. This applies even if the user asks for information in a conversational or complex way. SearchBlox offers solutions for various use cases, including knowledge management, customer self-service, employee productivity, and conversational chatbots, for both customers and employees.

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Shelf's award-winning knowledge management technology enables organizations to optimize knowledge from any source, assess the content’s quality, and deliver the right answers to agents, chatbots, and customers. With Shelf, your organization’s knowledge becomes an infrastructure that uses Generative AI to deliver scalable, consistent answers to any source.

Booth 101

Sugarwork empowers companies to ascertain and maintain their operational intellectual property. Sugarwork is an intuitive knowledge sharing tech platform that enables organizations to scale expert knowledge across their organizations. It deploys a guided and AI-driven process through which experts contribute their institutional knowledge to a shared resource. Its AI creates rich summaries and extracts key insights that are easily shareable and searchable.

Booth 301
Synaptica, LLC

Synaptica provides award-winning taxonomy, ontology, knowledge graph software combined with professional service solutions. Synaptica helps people to organize, categorize and discover enterprise knowledge.

Graphite: Create enterprise taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs with ease.

Graphite Knowledge Studio: Automate semantic tagging and auto-categorization of enterprise content.

Professional Services: Synaptica provides a broad range of services to complement our award-winning enterprise software.

Booth 209

TopQuadrant helps organizations succeed in data governance with TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (TopBraid EDG). EDG is built on standards-based knowledge graph technology to seamlessly bring together enterprise information silos, connect enterprise metadata, ensure its quality and deliver easy and meaningful access to all data stakeholders. TopBraid EDG lets enterprises govern all relevant assets including business terms, reference data, enterprise metadata, data and application catalogs, data lineage, data exchanges and pipelines, requirements, policies and processes. TopBraid EDG is the only solution built to support integrated governance across all types of assets and governance needs while, at the same time, offering a staged approach to data governance. TopQuadrant’s customer list includes organizations in financial services, pharma, healthcare, digital media, government and other sectors. http://www.topquadrant.com.

Booth 401

Verint Knowledge Management™ is a market leading solution that works at the speed of your customers. It connects your company, customers, and bots with intelligent, easy-to use knowledge. Verint Knowledge Management delivers accurate, compliant, and consistent answers in real time across multiple customer engagement touchpoints. It can help your workforce become more effective as you quickly identify new knowledge and expand intelligence across regions and locations, supporting the distributed workforce.

Platinum Sponsors

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Bloomfire is the preferred knowledge management software for many of the world’s market-leading companies. Bloomfire’s AI-powered platform increases productivity by enabling employees to find information faster, aligns teams around consistent, current information to reduce errors, and promotes informed, timely decision-making. Our proprietary launch program allows your company to stand up a purpose-built knowledge management platform in just days, not months and ensures strong engagement across your organization.

Booth 108

GoLinks is your fastest path to any resource. We transform long URLs into short, memorable go links that can be shared verbally and visually. Search for and access go links in browsers and across apps to transform how your teams get informed.

As go links are created, your company’s knowledge base grows. When new hires join, the resources they need are available in GoLinks. If tenured employees leave, knowledge remains.

With insights into your most and least used applications, GoLinks fuels productivity. Prioritize the resources your employees rely on and cut spending on underused apps.

GoLinks is knowledge management transformed.

Booth 115

JourneyTEAM is a top Microsoft Partner with a focus on digital transformation, AI, content collaboration, knowledge management, data governance, consultation, training, and implementation across your tech stack. We help businesses increase efficiency, unify teams, and encourage adoption to adapt to an ever-changing technological landscape. Find out more at https://journeyteam.com.

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KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse is the leading cutting-edge SaaS knowledge management system company and Gartner Cool Vendor. The company is supporting global enterprises with accurate and consistent knowledge. The solution empowers agents, employees and customers with real-time access to knowledge to improve customer and employee experience alike. KMS Lighthouse has been adopted by leading brands, including Toyota Finance, GE HealthCare, Fabletics, DHL, AIG and Orange. 

Booth 413

M-Files is a global leader in information management. The M-Files metadata-driven document management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work with lower risk.

Booth 83
Nintex provides a process automation and intelligence platform powered by AI, which enables customers of all sizes to quickly orchestrate critical processes that can be deployed anywhere. It includes a unique set of features and purpose-built solutions that combines the ease of no-code with the power and flexibility of low-code tools. We offer the industry's most powerful process management solution for intuitively capturing, mapping, documenting, and supporting organizational work processes, as well as intelligent forms, advanced workflows, digital document generation, eSignatures, and robotic process automation (RPA).
Booth 305

As the leading global provider of enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines, Ontotext helps enterprises to identify meaning and connections across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information. Ontotext’s technology and services deliver value through semantic knowledge graphs, linking multiple structured and unstructured datasets to help customers achieve enhanced decision making, support  knowledge growth and acquisition, deliver insights discovery, and ensure AI is properly educated. The company’s knowledge graph technology helps businesses to connect data and define relationships to get the most out of business-critical data. The Ontotext GraphDB?? engine and Ontotext Platform are credited for  powering business-critical systems in some of the largest banks, media, market intelligence agencies, car and aerospace manufacturers. To learn more visit or follow Ontotext on LinkedIn or  Twitter

Booth 307
PoolParty / Semantic Web Company

PoolParty Semantic Suite is the most complete semantic middleware on the global market, serving as the powerful intermediary between customer databases and applications. It comprises taxonomy, auto classification, NLP-based text mining, semantic search, and knowledge graph solutions. 

Leveraging machine learning and language processing, the Semantic AI capabilities of PoolParty capture the knowledge of enterprise experts in a domain that can be utilized in various integrations. These graph-based intelligent applications help eliminate data silos, enrich customer data and content, and enable greater knowledge discovery across an enterprise.

Booth 216
Progress Semaphore

Semaphore by Progress is a modular software product that provides the semantic layer in your digital ecosystem so you can manage knowledge models, generate semantic metadata, and enrich your enterprise information with context and meaning to reveal valuable insights that drive innovation.

Booth 104

RWS is the global leader in content management and translation technology and services. 90 of the top 100 global companies work with RWS.

Tridion, our composable Knowledge Management Platform (KMP) enables you to link together your various knowledge repositories and consolidate information management and semantic search for better employee and customer experiences.

Tridion provides easy web-based structured authoring & reviewing, streamlined end-to-end component content management, semantic AI and auto tagging, versioning, translation management and traditional as well as headless content publishing.

As a true collaborative environment with a familiar Microsoft Word-style interface, all subject matter experts (SMEs) in your organization can contribute their knowledge without technical or XML skills, while staff and customers can find the information they need.

Tridion supports global enterprise use cases including single sourcing, product documentation, learning and training, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, supported by efficient translations with delivery to multiple end points such as documents, PDFs, knowledge portals, Intranet, customer facing websites, apps, chatbots, and IoT devices, all governed by the required workflows and approvals.

Booth 206

USU is the leading provider of IT and customer service management software and services. We thus provide companies around the world with smarter services, simpler workflows, and better collaboration – and secure their success in increasingly challenging and dynamic markets.

As an expert for customer-first solutions, we support service organizations around the world with intelligent chatbots, voicebots, established self-service systems, and our active knowledge management software. They receive the specific knowledge that they need at all times – for all areas, functions, and communication channels, for efficient service KPIs and maximum customer satisfaction.

Gold Sponsors

Booth 405
Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits is an enterprise-scale AI company that optimizes operations, boosts efficiency, and increases productivity for demanding industries including energy, utilities, and healthcare. Altec, a leading provider of integrated document management and workflow solutions has joined the umbrella of companies under Beyond Limits. The addition of Altec to Beyond Limits will enable accelerated product growth and drive digital transformation in new markets, furthering Beyond Limits’ mission to create world-class solutions for businesses that improve performance and enhance human decision-making.

Beyond traditional artificial intelligence, our software products are powered by Beyond Limits’ award-winning Cognitive AI technology, utilizing a hybrid AI approach that combines data-centric techniques with embedded human knowledge to affirm trust in software-driven decisions, manage operational risk, and drive profitability.

Founded in 2014, Beyond Limits leverages a significant investment portfolio of advanced technology developed at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA space missions. The company was recently honored by Frost & Sullivan as a Company of the Year for their 2021 Best Practices Award and by CB Insights on their 2020 List of Top 100 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups.

For more information, please visit www.beyond.ai 

Booth 87
DBI Technologies Inc

DBI is an industry leader in the implementation of component-based application development software and services, supplying creative solutions for our customers, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound architectures. DBI component-based software and services perform with precision and with implementation ease.

Booth 311
Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge (EK) is the world's largest dedicated KM consultancy, offering end-to-end Knowledge and Information strategy, design, and systems implementation services. Our mission is to form true partnerships with our clients, listening and collaborating to create tailored, practical, and results-oriented solutions that enable them to thrive and adapt to changing needs.

Booth 408
Factor Firm LLC

We Get It. You’re juggling multiple audiences, touch points, and stakeholders and need to share trustworthy data across your enterprise technology stack. But because the systems are disconnected, you can’t fully understand the origin of your data. Your data is not reliable; it’s not information you can act upon. As your go-to data librarians, Factor shows you how to align your data across business capabilities, strategies, and user profiles so it can become information you can trust. For more information: factorfirm.com.

Booth 308
Feith Systems and Software, Inc.

Feith Systems is the foremost provider of Electronic Records Management & FOIA solutions to the Federal Government. With workflow automation, Document Management, full lifecycle Records Management, Email & SMS Archiving, and advanced program monitoring, Feith equips agencies with the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their Records and FOIA programs.

Booth 310

Lucidea’s unified integrated library system (ILS) and knowledge management (KM) software accelerates access to internal and external knowledge resources, and enables corporate, nonprofit, public agency and law firm clients to mine content and capture what’s relevant—actionable information--leading to development of new knowledge. Through its market-leading products SydneyEnterprise, GeniePlus, and Inmagic Presto, Lucidea empowers librarians and knowledge specialists to redefine how knowledge is managed, shared, and created.

Booth 81
Rutgers University (SC&I)

Communication and information are at the forefront of every industry and interaction today. The School of Communication and Information (SC&I) at Rutgers University is committed to equipping students with the tools required to succeed in today’s global communication, information, and media environments. SC&I’s programs prepare students interested in organizational and health communication, social and new media, library and information science, and information technology for a top career in today’s digital workplace.

SC&I seeks to understand communication, information, media processes, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, organizations, and the relationships among them.

SC&I, located on the Rutgers University flagship New Brunswick campus, was created in 1982 with the merger of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, the School of Communication Studies, and the Department of Urban Journalism. The journalism and library science programs each had roots in programs established in the 1920s at Rutgers, and the communication program was established during the 1970s.

Booth 204
Semedy, Inc

Semedy provides integrated knowledge management solutions for a wide range of industries. Semedy’s Knowledge Management Software offers a centralized repository and workspace for all types of knowledge assets, from simple documents to complex ontologies. Version control, robust integrity, scalability and semantic reasoning gives you full control over interdependencies as you create and maintain your knowledgebase.

Booth 205
Zeta Alpha

Zeta Alpha is the Smarter Way to Discover and Organize Knowledge
The Neural Discovery Platform is a secure foundational layer for the Enterprise to connect Generative AI assistants to your internal knowledge across many applications. Improve how you and your team discover, analyze, organize and share knowledge. Make better decisions, avoid reinventing the wheel, and make staying in the know effortless.

Exhibiting Companies

Booth Foyer
The Cynefin Company

The Cynefin Company enable individuals and organisations to navigate and make sense of uncertainty by providing tools and methods based on Knowledge Management and grounded in scientific theory. We enable you to develop a connected organisation that is fluid and flexible enough to respond to the unexpected.

Booth Foyer
KM Institute

The KM Institute (KMI) is home to the Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) program – the #1 Certification in KM worldwide.  The CKM is delivered virtually in several major regions (N. America, Europe, Gulf/EMEA, and India/APAC); and in-person private classes are available for clients with 10 or more students. KMI recently added the CKS (Specialist) curriculum: a deep-dive “Master Class” in a variety of topics, such as: Taxonomy, Knowledge Transfer, Information Architecture, and many more. KMI is also known for its great free content, with regular KM webinars, blogs, newsletters, and online communities. Visit: www.kminstitute.org today.

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KMWorld Magazine

With more than 25 years of market coverage experience serving both technology professionals and executive management, KMWorld is the premier resource for actionable advice and real direction on solutions and strategies in knowledge, content, document and information management today. From advanced news and trends analysis, to case studies and in-depth research, KMWorld  guides more than 50,000 IT and business professionals at organizations across North America involved in the evaluation, recommendation, and purchase of enterprise technology products and services. We believe that successful businesses today rely on the careful balance of technology, process, and people. KMWorld  delivers the market knowledge, process management skills and best practices to make that happen. KMWorld Magazine is free to qualified subscribers and is published bi-monthly. Subscribe today! Our weekly email newsletter, KMWorld Newslinks is also free.

For marketers, KMWorld offers branding, lead generation, and face-to-face opportunities to communicate with buyers of all types of enterprise applications. Please take a look at our media kits in PDF format for details of all of our marketing and advertising opportunities.

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