Scott Armstrong

Managing Partner
Interfacing Technologies

Scott is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for technology.  Scott is the Managing Partner of Interfacing Technologies, HeyBubble and Dempton Consulting Group, as well as the driving force behind the Gartner® recognized Interfacing Enterprise Process Center®, a global leading process based knowledge management system for transformation, quality, compliance and continuous improvement.  Scott is an expert in business process management (BPM) with close to 15 years of experience implementing management solutions across all industries worldwide.  Scott has developed a deep understanding of the common challenges faced by organizations and has gained many lessons learned as to what works and what doesn’t within continuous improvement and digital transformation programs. 

Scott studied management (B.Comm) at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has since completed OMG’s Certified Expert in Business Process Management (OCEB), PRIMIA’s Professional Risk Manager and Lean Six Sigma courses and attended varied BPM & quality seminars.  Scott has also contributed to the creation of multiple BPM success stories published within Future Strategies’ “Excellence in Business Process Management” books. In 2017 alone, Interfacing’s Enterprise Process Center® has been recognized in 2017 by Gartner® as an eBPA, OI & BOS leader, KMWorld trend-setting software, CIO Review Top 20 BPM & CIO Applications Top 25 GRC tools and Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award.

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