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Onkar Chandel

Global KM Lead
Red Hat

Picture of Onkar ChandelOnkar Chandel is a Global KM Lead at Red Hat. He started Red Hat Services KM program in Sept 2012 and led it to deliver twenty global KM initiatives that address Red Hat's KM needs related to collaboration, communication, onboarding, content management, knowledge sharing and internal networking. He extended Red Hat’s open source software concept and defined Open Source KM strategy. Onkar used this strategy to help Red Hat Services make bigger impact with minimum resources and introduce change faster through community involvement.  He built an open content organization and improved collaboration by removing team, language, geographical, and role based boundaries. He setup communities of practices program, Q&A platforms, newsletters, awards, communication forums, and knowledge sharing platforms. Onkar is a thought leader who introduced several unique KM ways to increase people’s participation, simplify change management, improve initiative awareness and adoption,  get stakeholders’ buy-in, and build global virtual communities. He introduced KM gamification to uncover hidden knowledge and recruite initiative volunteers. He helped Red Hat to increase content usage and awareness by 1000%, increase employees’ participation to 80%, reduce onboarding time to a few days, and introduce collaboration culture across the globe.

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