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Katrina B Pugh

Lecturer & President
Columbia University & AlignConsulting

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Katrina Pugh, Ph.D. researches "AI for Conversation," especially on sustainability issues on which she completed a doctorate. As President, AlignConsulting she helps organizations improve collaboration using NLP and text analytics, build knowledge products, measure knowledge-sharing productivity, and design sustainable knowledge networks. Katrina  is on the faculty of Columbia University's Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS) Master of Science Program where she was the Academic Director for six years. She is the editor and co-author of Smarter Innovation: How Interactive Processes Drive Better Business Results, on knowledge-driven innovation, and Sharing Hidden Know-How, about using conversation to put tacit knowledge to work. Formerly, she was Vice President for Knowledge Management at Fidelity Investments, Senior Technical Program Manager for Intel Corporation, and First Vice President for Finance Knowledge Integration at JPMorganChase. She has published in Journal of Neural Computing and Applications, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Journal of Digital Media Management, Huffington Post, Ivey Business Journal, Ark Group, and Journal of Economics and Statistics.

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