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Arno Boersma

Founding Partner
Island Impact

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Arno Boersma loves a knowledge challenge, like how to get knowledge flowing to where it can have the most impact. After obtaining his business degree [Erasmus Univ., Rotterdam], he worked for multinational firms [Heineken, L’Oreal] where he learned the marketing ropes. Next he co-founded a knowledge strategy firm [Squarewise] helping organizations tap into their most renewable resource: knowledge. He went on to join development organizations [World Bank, and UN] where he focused on knowledge to do good, mostly notably in sustainable developmement.

Arno has recently founded Island Impact, a social enterprise focused on bringing positive impact to small islands. The firm literally bridges islands of knowledge, in areas such as Renewable Energy, Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change. In short, from the One Happy Island of Aruba, Arno is applying all he has learned in the corporate, start-up, and non-profit world to work towards One Happy Planet.

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