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KM Joy: Thrills & Challenges of the Tech-Driven KM Journey

Knowledge sharing has a long history, dating back to the earliest of times. Today, AI and other technological innovations are transforming the way we learn, collaborate, and innovate, bringing both opportunities and challenges to the KM field. The KM journey is full of highs and lows, from the excitement of new discoveries to the agony of unintended consequences. Through it all, there is joy to be found in the human side of KM in creating, learning, exploring, sharing, and applying. Join colleagues, thought leaders, and practitioners as we explore the thrills and challenges of the tech-accelerated KM journey.

In a challenging global environment, knowledge sharing is even more critical for successful and sustainable organizations. These organizations require resilience, agility, and flexibility in navigating and supporting hybrid workplaces and spaces as they face the new realities of our world. And it’s the people in those organizations who drive knowledge sharing. KM'ers have risen to the challenge by harnessing innovative strategies, new technology and new tools to enable knowledge sharing in our new hybrid working reality as well as to navigate our global economic, social, and climatic obstacles. We are challenged with thoughts like these: Can AI replace a knowledge expert or knowledge manager?

This year’s KMWorld shares stories of innovative breakthroughs and learning experiences from KM practitioners as they steer their organizations into the future. It also considers how KM aligns with the CEO agenda moving forward to deal with the governance and sustainability, SDGs (U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals), political disruptions, COVID-19, workforce staffing issues and workplace changes, and more. KMWorld 2023 addresses the human and technology factors of collaboration and knowledge augmentation via AI, the sharing and reuse of knowledge with new tools, the human roles that are even more important than the tools and the hybrid workplace shift in traditional organizations. Emphasis is on strategic versus operational knowledge—understanding and aligning with the big organizational or community picture and leadership skills driving knowledge adoption and reuse, especially from outside the organization, such as the environmental and sustainability movement. KMWorld features new and creative knowledge sharing tools and techniques as well as human strategies that have an impact on all types of organizations and communities. Join us and take home exciting insights and ideas to apply in your environment or community.

KMWorld and its co-located events, Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, and Text Analytics Forum, showcase organizations that have creative digital solutions for their future, are allowing experimental and risk-taking processes to inform their practices, have made solid progress in changing the culture of their enterprises, and know how to utilize AI and other technology in practical and useful ways to charge forward in their industries.

Be a speaker at KMWorld 2023 by sharing your experience and techniques for the 27th annual conference, KM Joy: Thrills & Challenges of the Tech-Driven KM Journey, and illustrate knowledge sharing in action for exceptional innovation and bottom-line success in any type of organization.

Speaking Topics

KMWorld 2023 is seeking experienced knowledge, content, search, and enterprise experts who can provide practical, hands-on information, case studies, and instruction that will maximize the value of the conference attendees’ technological investments. We want to present new and creative ideas for sharing knowledge, maximizing collaboration, fostering learning and innovation, and building talent and a knowledge-sharing culture, as well as content and other resources in open, diverse, agile, and networked organizations.

KMWorld 2023 topics will include (but not be limited to) the strategic, technical, cultural, and managerial issues surrounding:

  • Knowledge Sharing Impact of AI, Cognitive Computing, AR, VR, Machine Learning
  • Transforming Knowledge Flows with Technology & Tools
  • Entrepreneurial & Innovative Skills & Practices for Organizations
  • Creative & Agile Techniques to Facilitate Change
  • Strategies & Processes for Changing Organizational Culture
  • Building Collaborative Organizations
  • Harnessing Leading Edge Tech for Knowledge Sharing
  • Agile Processes for Knowledge-Driven Organizations
  • Innovation: Strategies and Case Studies
  • Knowledge Sharing Tools & Techniques
  • Enabling Technologies for the Mobile Worker
  • eGovernment KM Strategies and Applications
  • Digital Workspaces for Maximum Efficiency
  • eLearning Strategies and Case Studies
  • Communication and Intranet Practices for Knowledge Exchange
  • Sharing & Applying Knowledge for Enterprise Success
  • Fostering Know-How and Learning
  • Creating Networked Organizations
  • The Enterprise of the Future
  • Getting the most out of O365 & SharePoint
  • Crowdsourcing and Knowledge Sharing
  • Maximizing Human Capital
  • Collaborative Techniques and Improving Knowledge Flows
  • Social Media Strategies & Techniques
  • Achieving Enterprise ROI/Knowledge-Driven Strategies
  • Leading-Edge Enterprise Tools and Practices
  • Selecting, Deploying, and Maximizing Tools and Technologies
  • KM Techniques and Experiences in Action: Case Studies
  • O365 & SharePoint Tips & Tricks
  • Enlisting Top Management Support
  • Business Performance Measures and Metrics
  • Enterprise Content Management Strategies and Tools
  • Critical Success Factors for KM Initiatives
  • Winning KM, Enterprise Strategies and Techniques
  • Communities of Practice
  • Enterprise Search and Information Discovery
  • Intranet Design and Usability
  • Facilitating Teams and Collaborative Work

How to Submit a Proposal to Speak

To participate in KMWorld 2023 as a possible speaker or workshop leader, or suggest a speaker, please post your submission no later than May 1, 2023.

Submissions must include a proposed title and description of the session, speakers’ and co-presenter’s name/s and full contact information, a few sentences of biographical information relating the speaker to the topic. All submissions will be reviewed by the Organizing/Review Committee and notification regarding acceptance will be made in June or July.

Submit a proposal today!

Conference Program Chairs

Jane Dysart, KMWorld Conference Program Director
Dysart & Jones Associates

Brian Pichman, KMWorld Program Coordinator
Evolve Project

Marydee Ojala, Enterprise Search & Discovery Program Chair
Editor-in-Chief, KMWorld

Stephanie Lemieux, Taxonomy Boot Camp Program Chair
Dovecot Studio

Tom Reamy, Text Analytics Forum Program Chair

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