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Monday, November 5, 2018

Enterprise Solutions Showcase Grand Opening Reception

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Welcome & Keynote - Entrepreneurial Skills for Knowledge Sharing
Keynote - Catching the Wave: Tools for Taxonomists & Information Users!
Dave Clarke - 0945_Clarke.pdf
Next-Level KM: 1 Billion in Benefits by 2020
Willem Manders - A101_Manders.pdf
Enterprise Social Networking + Established KM Tools
Boulter, Young & Storchi - A102_Boulter.pdf
2017 KMWorld Reality Award Winner: TechnipFMC
Kim Glover - A103_Glover(1).pptx
KM Fosters Innovation
Jasper Lavertu - A104_Lavertu.pdf
KM Leadership & KM Champion Role
Hasan Syed - A105_Syed.pptx
Mary Little - A105_Little.pptx
Rethinking KM for an Age of AI & IoT
Daniel W. Rasmus - B101_Rasmus.pdf
AI: Tech + Humans = Improved Bottom Line
AI for Next Gen KM Programs
Onkar Chandel - B103_Chanel.pdf
Solving Real-World Problems With AI
Chris Pittman - B104_Pittman.pptx
Christian Puzicha - B104_Puzicha.pdf
AI or IA—Intelligent Assistants?
Trevor Cookson - B105_Cookson.pptx
Tyler Suss - B105_Suss.pptx
Design Thinking: From Insights to Innovation
Euan Semple - C101_Semple.pdf
KM Debate: Agile? Design? Stories? Sharing?
Creating a Positive Change Culture
Ann Marie DiNardo - C103_DiNardo.pdf
War Stories, Insights, & Surprises
Ask the Expert: Sharing Knowledge!
Glover & Leeb - C105_Glover.pptx
Networking Happy Hour in the Enterprise Solutions Showcase

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

KMWorld & Intranet Innovation Awards
Keynote - Think Creatively & Make Better Decisions
Keynote - Accelerating Digital Business Clarity
Keynote - Becoming an Information-Driven Organization
Creating a People-Centric Digital Workplace
Geoff Ables - A201_Ables.pdf
Industry Insights
Geoff Sieron - A202_Sieron.pptx
Nic Passmore - A202_Passmore.pptx
Nic Passmore - A202_Passmore.pdf
Andrew Barendrecht - A202_Barendrecht.pdf
Optimizing Collaborative Intelligence in Your Organization
Lewis, Lee, Barnett, Hoffman & Blair - A203_Lewis.pdf
John Lewis - A203_Lewis(1).pdf
Training & Knowledge Maps for Collaboration, Learning & Efficiency
Aileen Marshall - A204_Marshall(1).pptx
Enterprise of the Future Opportunity/Risk Audit
Murray & Bucy - A205_Murray.pdf
Murray & Bucy - A205_Murray.pptx
Murray & Bucy - A205_Murray(1).pptx
KM, Digital Nomads & More!
Pascal Saura - B201_Saura.pdf
Building User-Centric Next-Gen Intranets
Ladas & Lee - B202_Ladas.pdf
Design Thinking for Selecting Workplace Tech
Digital Employee Experience (DEX): Heart of the Digital Workplace
Showcasing Digital Workspaces & Intranets
Marsha Nunes - B205_Nunes.pptx
Caldon & Rodgers - B205_Caldon.pptx
Improving SharePoint for KM: Keep It Simple
Versola & Tirpak - C201_Versola.pptx
Industry Insights
Paul Gorman - C202_Gorman.pptx
Akiva Elias - C202_Elias.pdf
Re-Creating a Knowledge Ecosystem
Susan Ostreicher - C203_Ostreicher.pdf
Transforming the Working World With Knowledge Tech
Nemeth & Pugh - C204_Nemeth.pdf
KM Stories: Challenges & Solutions
Shuman & Lawrence - C205_Shuman.pptx
Communities of Interest

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Keynote - Intra-Preneurship & Learning: Tips & Tools
Keynote - Semantic AI
Andreas Blumauer - 0930_Blumauer.pdf
Keynote - Intelligent Answers: NLP & Machine Learning for Customer & Employee Satisfaction
Knowledge Café: Mentoring Morning
Government Executive Knowledge Exploration
Attendee Luncheon & Keynote - AI & the Future of Knowledge
Revolutionizing Knowledge Transfer: Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing!
Carla Sapsford Newman - A303_Newman.ppt
Building Cross-Functional Teams: Leveraging Tribal Knowledge
Detlef Hold - A304_Hold.pptx
Next-Level Knowledge-Sharing in Project Management
Elizabeth Turner - A305_Turner.pdf
Higgins & Burton - A305_Higgins.pdf
From Suites to Platforms: ECM Shifts to Content Services
Aligning Business Data Using KM
Perfect Content Need Not Apply & ECM Evolution
Entrenching Intra-Preneurial Spirit
Woodson & Bullock - C303_Woodson.pdf
Power to the People: Experts & Expertise Location
AI Reshaping KM Culture & Landscape
Keynote - Engage Employees With CoPs in Office 365
Closing Keynote - KMWorld Conversations With Leading Thinkers

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