KMWorld 2018 Conference Program

Join us for KMWorld 2018 as we explore and share how successful knowledge management can transform any organization. Our extensive program includes 4 days of programming, with pre-conference workshops, keynote sessions, and 9 conference tracks, including: KM Strategies & Practices | KM, AI, & the Future | KMWorld Discussions & Debates | KM & Culture: All About the People! | Digital Workspaces | KM Tools & Tech | Knowledge-Sharing Processes | Content Management | KM Culture & Collaboration

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Track C: KM Tools & Tech

Jill Konieczko, Director

C201. Improving SharePoint for KM: Keep It Simple

Wednesday, November 7: 10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Collaboration and efficient business processes are key to organizational success. Back again this year to discuss using out of the box (OOB) features of SharePoint to facilitate KM activities across their organization, speakers share more of their favorites. They have implemented these solutions numerous times to make their multiple SharePoint platforms vital tools to facilitate day-to-day business processes, both internally and with their customers. Get useful tips and tricks for using OOB SharePoint solutions that have been instrumental in solving real business problems. Implementing this type of low-cost, no-code solution has allowed the speakers to transform their SharePoint platforms well beyond simple document storage repositories, without burdensome development efforts.


, KM Solutions Manager, NASCO, LLC

, Senior Manager, Human Performance Services & KM, NASCO, LLC


C202. Industry Insights

Wednesday, November 7: 11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

This panel of leading supporters on KM shares insights in a far-ranging discussion of client case studies illustrating successful knowledge sharing in large and small organizations and communities.  Elias talks about the transition in mind set and approach when moving from successful team sharing towards true enterprise collaboration. He draws on lessons learned during his many years of leading E-Business and CRM initiatives at Morgan Stanley and upon the insights developed while seeing organizations adopt Semlr, his current start-up. Gorman disccusses how digitizing documents and data means advanced capture hardware and software and a platform that supports KM with security, automation and case management tools. He shares how a partnership with Next Phase Solutions and Hyland frees information trapped in paper and silos to drive efficient processes and good decision-making. See how the pieces of a content services platform can deliver cutting edge process improvement as it streamlines knowledge flows in your organization. Hahn discusses how customer service AI works and shares the real-world business impact it created in several organizations.


, Co-Founder, Semlr

, Next Phase Solutions

, Technology Evangelist, eGain


C203. Re-Creating a Knowledge Ecosystem

Wednesday, November 7: 1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Nielsen is a global information company with 44,000 employees worldwide. In 2016, Nielsen decided to move from Microsoft business software to Google’s G Suite, ending the use of SharePoint for KM. This session offers a practical case study in how one division at Nielsen used the company’s move away from SharePoint as an opportunity to reinvent and modernize its internal knowledgebase using the Atlassian suite. Discussion focuses on ways to manage knowledge as a product, including defining scope and audience, using analytics to set priorities, and using support requests as a feedback loop to continually improve. Our experienced speaker shares examples of how the new format has enabled greater collaboration and created an environment where knowledge can constantly evolve.


, Manager, Business Enablement, Nielsen


C204. Transforming the Working World With Knowledge Tech

Wednesday, November 7: 2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Microsoft and EY have teamed up to innovate on knowledge programs for several years, both for EY employees, and their clients. Microsoft pioneered the idea of the digital workplace almost 20 years ago. Now Microsoft and EY have pushed forward into operations and customers, spanning the breadth of enterprise tools from Office 365, Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint to Cortana robots, workplace analytics, and image recognition. Speakers share two examples of EY-Microsoft collaborations across operations and customers: 1.) Using Microsoft’s cognitive services and natural language processing to disambiguate search queries, improving relevance and accelerating content retrieval paired with activating new Office 365-based collaboration capabilities that transform creating and sharing content; and 2.) Working in a media and entertainment company with product testing delays, using Robotic Process Automation, built on Microsoft Cortana’s machine learning and analytics, to bring a manual process into the digital workplace, improving testing accuracy to 92%. Join EY and Microsoft speakers as they share the high points and low points of incorporating cognitive and robotic technologies to build bold new knowledge cultures.


, Faculty, Information and Knowledge Strategy Master of Science Program, Columbia University and AlignConsulting

, Director - Global Knowledge Platforms, EY Knowledge, EY


C205. KM Stories: Challenges & Solutions

Wednesday, November 7: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The first story shares a case study of how Gazprom Neft (a 70,000-staff oil and gas company from Russia) started and evolved their KM efforts, specifically for upstream. It covers cultural, IT landscape, and process specifics of the organization and how it bypassed the obstacles met. Then, look inside Shire’s struggle to tame the content chaos and its quest to develop a streamlined process for managing internal and external information. This happy story reveals KM leaders engaged with other department leaders, building relationships with core end users, and evolving their mission to meet the critical needs of their R&D organization. From both stories, hear lessons learned, strategic ideas, and tactical tips to align KM with business needs and priorities.


, KM Lead (Upstream), Science & Technological Center, Gazprom Neft

, Director, Product Engagement, CCC

, Head, Electronic Resources, Shire

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