Nov 19-20, 2020 | JW Marriott, Washington DC

Complexity in Human Systems: Dealing with Chaos

While the COVID19 pandemic has caused untold human tragedy, it has also created opportunities for fundamental change. It has made the reality of living in a complex entangled world very apparent. While in the past many working in the field of complexity have felt like “Chicken Little” or the boy who cried wolf, now the uncertainty and complexity we face is undeniable.

There has never been a more opportune moment for complexity theorists and practitioners to come together in a coherent, yet diverse movement. Our work has uniquely prepared us to guide those who will be responsible to shape the social, economic and political landscapes post pandemic. This event offers an opportunity to share the latest praxis from the world of complexity. It serves as a springboard to offer our collective wisdom to the world.

This two day symposium, a joint production of the Cynefin Centre for Organizational Complexity, Information Today and Dysart & Jones Associates, brings together some of the leading academics, thinkers and practitioners in the field of complexity to discuss a range of topics including:

• How can government and industry more effectively navigate the multiple uncertainties of a hyper connected world?

• What insights do complexity science give to the development of future strategy?

• How does complexity transform our understanding of design and innovation from the linear processes of design thinking to something dynamic and radically creative?

• What are the implications for individual development, agency and organization growth that arise from complexity and cognitive science especially in the days of the “new normal”?

This is a chance to join colleagues for the second major event to discuss and co-create a radical new sets of ideas. In keeping with the theme, the event will not be organized around traditional keynotes, but instead on multiple structured interactions between experts and attendees to allow new insights and understanding to emerge. Watch the website over the next few weeks to see the experts who will be participating and with whom you will get a chance to interact. Save the dates for this new and exciting learning and networking event.

Registration Includes

The Complexity in Human Systems Symposium is co-located with KMWorld 2020 and is only available as a separate registration option. Please note that registration to the Complexity In Human Systems Symposium is NOT included with our KMWorld Platinum or Gold pass types. Separate registration is required.

  • Access to Complexity in Human Systems Syposium sessions on Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 20
  • Networking Reception on Thursday, November 19
  • Light Continental Breakfast, Breaks, and Lunch on Friday, November 8

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