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June 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 6]


What is a sure way to lose the attention of customers or prospects? Tell them that you want to sell them more IT infrastructure. That can be very challenging because of the amount and complexity of infrastructure that has already been purchased and deployed over many years. Posted May 26, 2006

Several years ago, expertise location was a fast-growing branch of KM, helping to find the human repositories of specialized knowledge. Then it seemed to recede as an application of interest, perhaps because some of the solutions were narrowly focused, too hard to maintain or not well integrated with other enterprise applications. But the requirement to locate experts has not gone away. Posted May 26, 2006

Since 2002, the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security has developed a wide range of graduate education programs that help current and future homeland security leaders with strategies, policies and organizational elements to defeat terrorism in the United States. The CHDS, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, offers a homeland security master’s degree that was the Posted May 26, 2006

At a meeting one day, I found myself sitting between two eminent KM thinkers. Both men were rapidly taking notes directly into their laptops. One was using PersonalBrain from TheBrain Technologies. The other was using MindManager from Mindjet. My colleagues raved passionately about each of those tools, as do many people who use either one. Posted May 26, 2006

In the pharmaceutical industry, an electronic lab notebook can be more than a receptacle for documents; it can be a platform for knowledge management and collaboration. Posted May 26, 2006

Business process management (BPM) is the most complex of content management technologies. Hosted BPM services reduce the complexity of integration and management, promote ease of use and cut costs. Posted May 26, 2006

Industry Watch

Site search and analysis Posted May 26, 2006

News Analysis

Posted May 26, 2006

Innovation is ranked a top priority by global CEOs. Yet, few CEOs manage innovation by linking strategy to structure. Posted May 26, 2006

David Weinberger

...Web pages almost always tell us what the destination of the link is about, and often what we ought to think about it. So, when Tim Berners-Lee issued the call for the Semantic Web, it wasn’t because there weren’t enough meaningful phrases online. Posted May 26, 2006

The Future of the Future

Posted May 26, 2006

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