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July/August 2017, [Volume 26, Issue 7]

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Innovation is by definition creative, but it is also a process with logical steps and associated content, and therefore it can be managed by software designed for that purpose. Posted July 03, 2017

Financial services firms are using knowledge management solutions for data sharing across the organization, to permit authorized access to sensitive information while blocking unauthorized access and to analyze potential investments. Posted July 03, 2017

News Analysis

Human thinking balances AI systems. They can plug each other's blind spots. Humans make judgments based on their worldview. They are capable of understanding priorities, ethics, values, justice and beauty. Machines can't. But machines can crunch vast volumes of data. Posted July 03, 2017

David Weinberger

We believe the future is determined by a set of scientific rules operating on a set of data too vast to be perfectly comprehended. Posted July 03, 2017

The Future of the Future

There's still plenty of thinking, innovating and discovery that needs to be done. Use machines as your tools, not as your master. Posted July 03, 2017

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