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July/August 2011, [Vol 20, Issue 7]

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Posted July 05, 2011

"Our challenge when we built our new data center was overall energy efficiency." Data centers, power distribution companies and construction firms all try to conserve energy... Posted July 05, 2011

"Everyone now knows that even authorized users can go bad and misuse internal documents, or leave the organization and take them with them..." Posted July 05, 2011

"Previously we were using key words to identify relevant documents, but text analytics gives us a much clearer picture of the data set..." Posted July 05, 2011

The term "document capture" has taken on whole new meanings... Posted July 05, 2011

Industry Watch

SDL debuts LiveContent 2011 for interactive product documentation... Posted May 25, 2011

News Analysis

Posted July 05, 2011

Steve Arnold gets all sentimental in this analysis of cutting edge search technology. Posted July 05, 2011

David Weinberger

Posted July 05, 2011

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