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January 2015, [Vol 24, Issue 1]


"In a different way, customer support has become personal again." Posted December 30, 2014

A new class of applications emerges that will transform core processes. Posted December 31, 2014

The many forces that affect telemedicine are converging to create significant momentum, and the environment is now conducive to broad implementation. Posted December 31, 2014

The company produced 600,000 relevant documents to the FTC within days. That would have been impossible with other kinds of technology Posted December 31, 2014

You talk to your mobile phone to search, don't you? My wife, who is no technology lover, does. Our 75-year-old neighbor thinks Siri, Apple's voice search system, is a real person. Ask a question on a voice search-equipped Android phone, and you can get specific driving directions to the closest pizza parlor or gas station. The future has arrived—or has it? Posted December 31, 2014

News Analysis

A new feature of KMWorld 2014 that may well be continued in the future was a company showcase designed to elicit input from conference attendees. Posted December 31, 2014

Most professions rely on precise data to make decisions. Can you imagine erecting a building without numeric measurements, angles and detailed plans? Healthcare data is not as precise. In fact, the most valuable data is often unstructured notes recorded from patient and doctor visits or encounters Posted December 31, 2014

David Weinberger

"Meta" sounds like you're going up, but in fact it means going down: looking underneath beliefs and the evidence for those beliefs to see the assumed context, values and processes that make them seem credible. That's why it's good to go meta. In fact, the pursuit of truth—on or off the Net—almost always leads to the meta. Posted December 31, 2014

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