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February 2016 [Volume 25, Issue 2]


Knowledge management spans numerous disciplines, so it is not surprising that graduate level programs in KM have their roots in diverse fields. Posted January 31, 2016

Why your KM program needs guidance from senior leaders and business stakeholders. Posted January 31, 2016

David Weinberger

Note that the knowledge that Plato and Socrates are talking about ... is knowledge that leads to right action. Posted January 31, 2016

The Future of the Future

Human-like robots are popping up everywhere. From the factory floor to product packaging and delivery. From restaurants to the battlefield. From patient care to camel racing. And countless other places. Posted January 31, 2016

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing's value proposition is grounded on the ability to offer contextualized insights to a human decision-maker. Posted January 31, 2016

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