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April 2012 [Volume 21, Issue 4]


Real Story Group's lead analyst, Tony Byrne, shares a few thoughts on the changes in the content management market over the last ten years. He discusses the three broad lessons learned and six imperatives facing information professionals today. Posted March 31, 2012

A goal of knowledge management over the years has been the ability to integrate information from multiple perspectives to provide the insights required for valid decision-making. Big data provides unique challenges and opportunities for achieving that goal. Posted March 31, 2012

At the core of the Open Web platform is a culture that favors openness and easy access to new technology. For enterprises, the Open Web will be the basis for a revolutionary new wave of Internet applications that motivate, serve, delight and empower customers. Posted March 31, 2012

Search has been a mainstay of knowledge management since the discipline was first defined, but is not yet a perfect technology. Organizations that spend time analyzing their content and establishing metadata are able to leverage their intellectual capital more effectively. Posted March 31, 2012

News Analysis

Bitext develops software that enables machines to understand the language people use every day. Bitext now offers support for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, German and Dutch. In development are languages such as Arabic, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Japanese... Posted March 31, 2012

As big data grows increasingly massive, the need for agile analytics will, too. Enter Cognos, which is part of IBM's Business Analytics division, and TM1 10, its performance management solution. A compelling element of IBM Cognos TM1 10 is Insight, which gives individual users, especially non-spreadsheet users, access to TM1 10. Posted March 31, 2012

David Weinberger

Not all things that claim to be facts are facts. Some statements about the world are false. What's true and false is not up to us. Facts matter. Posted March 31, 2012

The Future of the Future

Just like the small coffee shop in Alaska, the smart library will serve as a knowledge broker engaged in locating qualified sources of critical knowledge to solve a particular problem... Posted March 31, 2012

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