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April 2006 [Volume 15, Issue 4]

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Over the past year, search technology has shown remarkable progress in both its features and in the interest from prospective users. Initiatives by high-visibility firms such as Google have drawn attention to it, and enterprises are aggressively seeking more powerful ways of accessing their content. Posted March 27, 2006

Open source usability and the arc of innovation Open source software (OSS) is consistently gaining strength as a movement and a viable software development paradigm. If you've heard of it but don't quite know what it is, you may want to read Part 1 of this article, which appeared in the February issue of KMWorld. Posted March 27, 2006

E-mail management (EMM) is hot. Growing e-mail volumes, increased regulatory and legal pressures and concerns about electronic records make managing e-mail a top priority for many organizations. And with a dynamic, healthy marketplace exhibiting a flurry of new entrants and consolidations, the competition is fierce in the e-mail management and archiving marketplace. Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Industry Watch

Content life cycle management Posted March 27, 2006

SmartDiscovery for search appliance Posted March 27, 2006

WebSideStory merges with Visual Sciences Posted March 27, 2006

FAST releases ESP 5 Posted March 27, 2006

Attensity supports OS X Posted March 27, 2006

News Analysis

Posted March 27, 2006

While knowledge management (KM) practitioners design systems to support their organizations’ goals, and knowledge workers use them on a day-to-day basis to carry out their activities, researchers are engaged in developing new techniques and tools that may eventually be incorporated into these systems. Posted March 27, 2006

The challenge facing vendors of knowledge-sharing and collaboration tools (representing a $60 billion market in the aggregate) is in helping their customers move from an industrial age mindset to a knowledge economy mindset. It's actually not a challenge, it's an imperative. Posted March 27, 2006

David Weinberger

Posted March 27, 2006

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