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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome & Keynote: Learning & Knowledge Sharing
John Seely Brown - 0845_Seely_Brown.pdf (1 MB)
Keynote: Aligning Corporate Information Governance & Content
A101: KM Techniques & Practices
A102: KM for Customers
Stewart & Forrest - A102_Stewart.pdf (771 KB)
A103: Improving Decision Making
A104: KM Movers & Shakers
A105: KM Without the Name!
Stan Garfield - A105_Garfield.ppt (14 MB)
A106: Critical Success Factors in KM Initiatives
Jay Liebowitz - A106_Liebowitz.ppt (22 MB)
Neil Olonoff - A106_Olonoff.pptx (214 KB)
James E Bradley - A106_Bradley.pptx (686 KB)
B101: Are Intranets Social?
B102: Delivering Enterprise Mobility
B103: SharePoint for Enterprise 2.0
B104: Information Architecture & Search
Martin White - B104_White.pptx (3 MB)
B105: Digital Workplace Strategies
B106: Intranet Showcase
C101: What’s Your KM Vision?
Stan Garfield - C101_Garfield.ppt (549 KB)
C102: Conversations That Don’t Suck
Dave Pollard - C102_Pollard.pdf (761 KB)
Dave Pollard - C102_Pollard(1).pdf (50 KB)
Dave Pollard - C102_Pollard.pptx (662 KB)
Dave Pollard - C102_Pollard.docx (242 KB)
C103: Finding New Solutions to Wicked Problems
C104: Flow Systems & KM
Gordon Vala-Webb - C104_Vala-Webb.pdf (583 KB)
C105: User Adoption Strategies
Susan S. Hanley - C105_Hanley.pptx (3 MB)
C106: The Next (Big) Thing in KM
Anthony Joyce - C106_Joyce.ppt (5 MB)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

KMWorld & Intranet Innovation Awards
Keynote: Facilitating Knowledge Sharing
Keynote: The Value of Content Intelligence to Big Data
Jeremy Bentley - 0945_Bentley.pptx (1 MB)
A201: Communication & KM Practice
Betsy Cogliano - A201_Cogliano.pdf (1 MB)
Patricia Eng - A201_Eng.ppt (40 MB)
Jeff Hester - A201_Hester.pdf (5 MB)
A202: Finding Answers Using Crowdsourcing
Ian Coyne - A202_Coyne.ppt (21 MB)
A203: Driving KM Adoption & Collaboration With Gamification
Hsu & Kaukonen - A203_Hsu.pptx (9 MB)
A204: The DIKW Pyramid Must Die
Gordon Vala-Webb - A204_Vala-Webb.pdf (526 KB)
A205: Retaining & Transferring Knowledge
Cristiano Rocha - A205_Rocha.pdf (5 MB)
B201: Making Business Social
Garfield, Mysore & Blank-Cook - B201_Garfield.pptx (2 MB)
B202: Lessons Learned in Social KM
B203: Collaboration in the Workplace
B204: E2.0 & KM for Business Improvement
B205: Collaboration & Search in the Cloud
Paul Nelson - B205_Nelson.pdf (1 MB)
C201: Fostering Learning & Knowledge Sharing
James E Bradley - C201_Bradley.pptx (1014 KB)
Stacey Young & Jennifer Dahnke - C201_Young-Dahnke.pptx (1 MB)
C202: Social Learning @ Speed of Need
Kent A Greenes - C202_Greenes.pdf (693 KB)
C203: Operational Learning & KM
Neo & Lee - C203_Neo.pdf (7 MB)
C204: Making Organizations Smarter: Industry Insights
Charles Kaplan - C204_Kaplan.pptx (52 MB)
Beth Maser - C204_Maser(2).pptx (1 MB)
C205: Organizational Cultural Change Strategies
Francisco E. Rivera - C205_Rivera.ppt (1 MB)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Keynote: KM Saves Lives
Keynote: How The Cloud Transforms Search
A301: Putting Knowledge in the Flow
Darcy Lemons - A301_Lemons.pdf (1 MB)
A302: KM — Is There an App for That?!
A303: Portals: Getting Smaller With Social
A304: Search, Taxonomies, & Leveraging SharePoint
B301: Serendipity Economy: A Different Perspective
Daniel W. Rasmus - B301_Rasmus.pdf (804 KB)
Daniel W. Rasmus - B301_Rasmus(1).pdf (1 MB)
B302: Identifying Knowledge Process Gaps to Increase iWork Efficiency
B303: Workforce Tech Needs Assessment
B304: Building Effective Knowledge Operations
C301: Online Communities Roadmap
Catherine Shinners - C301_Shinners.pdf (2 MB)
C302: Change Management & KM
C303: Innovation, Change Management, & Business Optimization
C304: KM & Sustainable Growth
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