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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome and Keynote: Knowledge Driven Enterprises: Strategies & Future Focus
Thomas A Stewart - KM World WoK F.ppt (5 MB)
Keynote: Exploring Search Frontiers at NASA Langley
A101: KM at the Teachable Moment
A102: Seven Principles of Continuous Innovation: Reinventing the Workplace
A103: Knowledge Management 101
Barry K. Dayton - A103_Dayton.pdf (2 MB)
A104: Communities Manifesto: 10 Principles for Successful CoPs
Stan Garfield - A104_Garfield.ppt (1 MB)
A105: Knowledge Transfer: Assessment & Passing the Baton
O'Neal, Hunter & Kelsay - A105_ONeal.docx (689 KB)
O'Neal, Hunter & Kelsay - A105_ONeal.pptx (330 KB)
A106: Teaching People to Think Like an Expert
B101: Building Knowledge Networks
Patti Anklam - B101_Anklam.pdf (1 MB)
Chhina & Holmlund - B101_Chhina(3).pps (3 MB)
Holmlund & Chhina - B101_Holmlund.ppt (3 MB)
B102: Sustaining Effective Communities of Practice (CoP)
Lemons & Hunter - B102_Lemons.pptx (3 MB)
B103: Measuring Value: COP Life Cycle Metrics
Gregory & Michalski - B103_Gregory.pdf (448 KB)
John Nelson - B103_Nelson.pptx (1 MB)
B104: Collaboration 2.0: Two Cases
Simon Woodford - B104_Woodford.pptx (8 MB)
Wallenhorst & Boland - B104_Wallenhorst.pdf (2 MB)
B105: Gov 2.0: Implementing Social in Government
Mahon, Hower & Sauve - B105_Mahon.pptx (2 MB)
Michael J. Mahon - Download presentation here
B106: Weaving Productive Knowledge Networks
C101: Achieving a Gold Standard for Your 2012 Intranet
Martin White - C101_White.ppt (2 MB)
C102: Using Ethnographic User Research to Drive KM & Intranet Strategy
Don Bruns - C102_Bruns.pptx (2 MB)
C103: Intranets: A Long Way Forward?
C104: Enterprise Solutions: Client Case Studies
Richard K Turner - KMWorld PPT_Altep_Final.pptx (4 MB)
Eric Darbe - C104_Darbe.pdf (1 MB)
C105: Intranets in 2015
James Robertson - C105_Robertson.pdf (2 MB)
C106: Intranet Showcase
Deborah Reilly - C106_Reilly.pptx (4 MB)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

KMWORLD AWARDS & KEYNOTE: Search Patterns: Making Maps for Knowledge Discovery
Leveraging Organizational Knowledge
Martin Garland - 3725_Garland.pptx (2 MB)
A201: Mitigating the Risk of Knowledge Loss
Kathleen Kotwica - A201_Kotwica.ppt (2 MB)
Jeff Stemke - A201_Stemke.pdf (284 KB)
Muller, Lee & Blair - A201_Muller.pdf (181 KB)
A202: Spreading Ideas, Sharing Knowledge, & Crowd Sourcing
Giora Hadar - A202_Hadar.ppt (13 MB)
Holly Pendleton - A202_Pendleton.pdf (5 MB)
Holly Pendleton - Presentation (on
Holly Pendleton - A202_Pendleton.doc (34 KB)
Holly Pendleton - A202_Pendleton(1).pdf (1 MB)
A203: Assessing Knowledge in the Enterprise
Baxter & Prevou - A203_Baxter.pptx (483 KB)
A204: KMWorld's Pardon the Interruption: A Fast-Paced Debate
A205: Connecting People, Skills, & Experience
B201: KM Movers & Shakers in Brazil
Ariane Ramos Gonçalves - B201_Ramos_Goncalves.pdf (452 KB)
João Augusto Fontoura - B201_Fontoura.pptx (2 MB)
Mario Lott - B201_Lott.ppt (2 MB)
B202: Enlisting Support & Making the Case for KM
Joyce Hostyn - B202_Hostyn.pptx (16 MB)
B203: Learning From Lessons Learned
Beckman & Murray - B203_Beckman.ppt (1 MB)
B204: Benchmark Your Enterprise Information & Knowledge Management
Leslie Owens - B204_Owens.pptx (2 MB)
B205: Enabling Knowledge-Sharing: Client Case Studies
Bach & Hawkins - B205_Bach.pdf (105 KB)
Andy P. Jarrad - Brainware Presentation 11-17.ppt (1 MB)
C201: Enterprise Digital Strategy
C202: Managing Information in the Cloud: Practical Advice
C203: Innovative Intranets: Insights & Trends
Burdes, Bawden & Sporidis - C203_Burdes.ppt (5 MB)
C204: Tackling Enterprise Search
Patricia A Kelley - C204_Kelley.ppt (1 MB)
Bo Yang - C204_Yang(1).pdf (2 MB)
C205: Extending Your Reach with Social Business Software
Donna Cuomo - C205_Cuomo.pptx (8 MB)
Replacing Risk With Knowledge in Program Operations
Bill Kaplan - 4122_Kaplan.pptx (196 KB)
Supplier Intelligence: Text Analysis for Improving Your Supplier Base
Bernard L. Palowitch - 4123_Palowitch.pdf (759 KB)
Knowledge and Information Transformed through Knowledge Optimization
Knowledge Sharing With Enterprise Social Media Tools
Secrets of SharePoint Social Computing Success
Susan S. Hanley - 4125_Hanley.pptx (1 MB)
Optimal Learning Environments
David Bennet - 4126_Bennet.pptx (5 MB)
SharePoint 2010: A Look At Record-Keeping
Grant Margison - 4127_Margison.pdf (1 MB)
Enterprise 2.0 & Wirearchy: Managing Wired Workspaces
Knowledge to Action
Alex Bennet - 4129_Bennet.pptx (3 MB)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

KEYNOTE: The Resilient Organization
A301: Making Knowledge Mobile
A302: Web Content Management (WCM) & Social Computing: Rivals or Partners?
A303: Collaborative Tools to Move From KM to Knowledge Enablement
Clegg & Evans - A303_Clegg.ppt (6 MB)
A304: Open Source Content Management
Shaun Walker - A304_Walker.pdf (1 MB)
B301: Thinking Allowed
B302: New Ways of Working
Schroeder & Smith - B302_Schroeder.pptx (4 MB)
Melo & Korowajczuk - B302_Melo.pdf (1 MB)
B303: Building KM-Based Virtual Work Environments (VWEs)
Ronald Simmons - B303_Simmons.pptx (2 MB)
B304: Thriving in Hyperlinked & Networked Workspaces
C301: Enterprise Innovations for the Future
C302: Portals: Making Them Productive
Carlson-Jagersma & Miranda - C302_Carlson-Jagersma.pdf (1 MB)
Perell & McCrehan - C302_Perell.ppt (993 KB)
Richard Iams - C302_Iams.pptx (1 MB)
Miranda & Carlson-Jagersma - C302_Miranda.pdf (1 MB)
C303: Knowledge Repositories in Action
Mokate, Busch & Strand - C303_Mokate.ppt (10 MB)
C304: Future Focused Formulas for Enterprise KM Success
Mack, Murray & Appleton - C304_Mack.ppt (1 MB)
CLOSING KEYNOTE: Knowledge Driven Enterprises of the Future: Analysts' Panel
Planting Seeds to Harvest Knowledge
Annie Green - 4130_Green.ppt (518 KB)
DC’s Records & Info Management Plans
Getting Knowledge Sources & Seekers to Share
Knowledge Capture & Transfer (KCT)
Steven Newman - 4133_Newman.pptx (3 MB)
Facilitating Content Discovery Using Chaos Theory
Bill Ives - 4134_Ives.ppt (3 MB)
Best Practices for SharePoint User Adoption
Susan S. Hanley - 4135_Hanley.pptx (994 KB)
Knowledge Loss Strategies
Bill Kaplan - 4136_Kaplan.pptx (270 KB)

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