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Records Management, E-Discovery, Compliance

Many pieces of 8 Posted October 27, 2006

Iron Mountain tackles e-records Posted October 25, 2006

Protegrity offers new suite Posted October 23, 2006

Acquires CaseData Posted October 17, 2006

Form SharePoint 2007 partnership Posted October 04, 2006

Inxight offers free download Posted October 04, 2006

Alfresco adds WCM Posted October 02, 2006

Posted October 02, 2006

We're four years into Sarbanes-Oxley, even longer into our new understanding of records compliance management... Posted October 01, 2006

Regulatory compliance is an absolute necessity in today’s business environment. With growing numbers of regulations...—it has never been more important... Posted October 01, 2006

After several years of soaring revenues, lots of available capital and the “ bubble,” many companies loosened their corporate controls. Posted October 01, 2006

Everyone’s talking about it. It’s a top issue at industry events. It’s permeating the entire organization—from the CFO, to legal counsel... Posted October 01, 2006

Despite early visionary cries of a pending “paperless office,” in reality, we’re still a long ways away. The truth is: much business knowledge Posted October 01, 2006

Two major incidents coincided in the last several years that fundamentally changed the value we put into the word "protect." The first was 9/11... Posted October 01, 2006

In the age of increasing litigation and compliance regulations, being a packrat finally pays off. Hoarding files may protect corporate officers... Posted October 01, 2006

Forty years ago, General Electric produced the first self-cleaning conventional oven, an innovation that, over the course of its creation, incurred 100 new patents. Posted October 01, 2006

“There is a significant changeover occurring in the architecture of records management solutions away from a separate records repository... Posted October 01, 2006

In a survey of more than 700 enterprise content management (ECM) system users by AIIM—The Enterprise Content Management Association, 89.7% agreed... Posted October 01, 2006

As enterprises struggle to manage their ever-growing stores of email and other unstructured data, many are finding their backup and recovery process... Posted October 01, 2006

Many organizations today are confounded by the question "how and where should we store email files for peak performance and iron-clad compliance?"... Posted October 01, 2006

It’s spring of 2007 and you are evaluating a court order to produce highly detailed electronic documents, records, emails and voice mail messages. Posted October 01, 2006

Corporate executives are painfully aware of the need for “compliance,” thanks to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, industry-specific... Posted October 01, 2006

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has been a catalyst for increased, intense focus on financial compliance, corporate governance and business best practices... Posted October 01, 2006

To be “compliant” can mean a dozen things. Regulated industries and government are accustomed to being regulation-driven; that’s a Thursday for them. Posted October 01, 2006

Compliance with laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA) entails both process and content. Information must be seen and validated by specific individuals, and controls must be set up, which implies a workflow, whether automated or manual. Posted September 29, 2006

Why is the e-mail part of compliance such a headache? Posted September 29, 2006

Hyland acquires Matrix Posted September 20, 2006

Posted September 18, 2006

Ascent Capture integration Posted September 13, 2006

SOA registry and governance Posted September 11, 2006

Posted September 06, 2006

KOM Networks, Hyland Software product integration Posted August 30, 2006

Select Trend-Setting Products Posted August 23, 2006

Select Trend-Setting Products Posted August 23, 2006

Select Trend-Setting Products Posted August 23, 2006

Posted August 23, 2006

BEA acquires Flashline Posted August 23, 2006

All cash, $1.6 billion Posted August 10, 2006

Acquisition boosts capabilities Posted August 09, 2006

All-cash deal for $489 million Posted August 09, 2006

Documentum delivers two complementary solutions Posted August 07, 2006

Major upgrade from LogiXML Posted August 07, 2006

Posted August 07, 2006

QL2 and TEMIS partner Posted August 02, 2006

Kazeon integrates with Google Search Appliance Posted July 19, 2006

Law firms have lots of choices when it comes to software; dozens of programs are available for such functions as case management, practice management, document assembly and trial presentation. Those popular products often are a great match for a law firm's needs. However, sometimes a solution based on a generic KM platform, rather than a dedicated legal product, works best. Posted July 07, 2006

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