Business Intelligence

BIRT goes mobile with Actuate

PowerDocs for the Salesforce1 Mobile App incorporates ERP, CRM data Posted August 11, 2014

MongoHQ transforms into Compose

Full-featured database as a service Posted August 08, 2014

Analytics-based customer insights from FirstRain

Delivered through mobile calendar Posted August 05, 2014

Logi Analytics and Actian join forces for big data

Analytics platform for actionable intelligence Posted July 23, 2014

Analyzing big data to improve water management

Information communicated by the sensors can be interpreted in real time Posted July 07, 2014

The Weather Company matches inventory with audience segments

Forecast ad impressions based on precise behavioral, demographic and geographic audience segments Posted June 30, 2014 casts spotlight on ERP

Full suite of operational modules suitable for e-commerce Posted June 25, 2014

Process Intelligence: The Next Leap Forward in Business Intelligence - and Intelligent Business

Everything accomplished in an organization requires a series of business activities which together comprise a process. Whether the organization is a hospital, bank, manufacturer, or any other type of business, its level of success is directly tied to how well it performs and manages its many business processes. Posted June 25, 2014

FirstRain launches Personal Business Analytics for Salesforce1

Specific insights relevant to users and their businesses Posted June 18, 2014

SAP and OpenText partner for ECM

Expanded integrated offerings Posted May 30, 2014

Partnering for unified access and discovery

Smartlogic and TopQuadrant form alliance for unstructured and structured data Posted May 20, 2014

Astera launches cloud-based data integration solution

Complex, hierarchical and unstructured data Posted April 22, 2014

Best Practices in BI: 8 Questions CEOs Should Ask Before Investing in BI

No single organizational initiative which warrants preparation, planning and strategy more than its decision to invest in a Business Intelligence (BI) Program. Here are 8 questions CEOs should ask before investing in BI. Posted April 18, 2014

BI helps medical group meet ACA data needs

Provide physicians with ready access to pertinent information Posted March 17, 2014

Enhanced pricing system for alcohol distributor

Visibility across the three-tier system of alcohol distribution Posted March 10, 2014

Predictive analytics for big data and big content integration

Attivio adds new module to its Active Intelligence Engine Posted March 03, 2014

The preventive power of analytics

Identifying at risk patients for earlier intervention and better care Posted March 03, 2014

Secure data exchange from Safe-T

Releases Safe-T Box 5.0 Posted February 26, 2014

Datawatch and Monarch Experts partner

Consultancy to help transition to new Datawatch solutions Posted February 21, 2014

MicroStrategy releases 'PRIME'

Cloud-based, in-memory analytics service Posted January 29, 2014

Complete customer experience management in the cloud

SDL launches unified suite Posted January 27, 2014

Metalogix offers free SharePoint migration tool

Introduces Migration Expert Posted January 21, 2014

D&B and FirstRain partner for business data

Analytics to power D&B information products Posted January 16, 2014

KANA launches new LAGAN Enterprise

Designed for government "Digital First" initiatives Posted January 15, 2014

IBM to invest $1B in Watson Group

Focus on commercializing cognitive computing Posted January 13, 2014

Online travel site uses market intelligence to ward off competition

Building a data-driven competitive advantage in the industry Posted January 08, 2014

MetaVis delivers new SharePoint administration capabilities for Office 365

Dashboards and reports enhance management and adoption Posted December 03, 2013

IBM beefs up BYOD infrastructure

To acquire mobile device management provider Fiberlink Communications Posted November 26, 2013

Integrating data analysis with data discovery and design

Datawatch blends Monarch Professional with Panopticon Designer Posted November 25, 2013

Clarabridge simplifies customer experience management

Introduces Clarabridge Version 6.1 Posted November 22, 2013

Unleashing data integration with Kapow 9.3

Broader data acquisition, enhanced exploration and distribution capabilities Posted November 18, 2013

Deeper Bloomfire integration into Salesforce

Also unveils public leaderboard for community engagement, expertise location Posted November 18, 2013

Attivio and Actian partner for big data, content

Forge OEM agreement Posted November 18, 2013

2013 KMWorld Promise and Reality award finalists

The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards will be formally announced on Thursday, Nov. 7, at the 2013 KMWorld Conference at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington, D.C. Posted October 29, 2013

UNCHC gains medical insights from big data analytics

Clinicians can quickly access and analyze critical patient information Posted October 14, 2013

Unified “smart process application” from Kofax

Launches TotalAgility 7.0 development and deployment platform Posted October 09, 2013

Big and fast data analytics from C9

Cloud-based applications Posted September 27, 2013

Big data BI platform with Hadoop connector

InetSoft releases Style Intelligence V. 11.5 Posted September 17, 2013

Pentaho gets even more agile, bigger with data

Releases Business Analytics 5.0 platform Posted September 12, 2013

KMWORLD Trend-Setting Products of 2013

The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies. Posted September 01, 2013

Dog treat company opts for cloud-based ERP

Full control to customize business processes within the system, Posted August 07, 2013

TIBCO Spotfire and Composite Software partner

An alliance for big data analytics Posted August 01, 2013

Aruhat Technologies unveils DataCrops 5.0

Web data extraction platform Posted July 15, 2013

Text analytics: versatile and growing

Text analytics is a vital tool in coping with big data. Posted July 05, 2013

A limit to business intelligence?

The extent to which businesses protect their data assets is the extent to which business is limiting its own intelligence. Posted July 05, 2013

Kofax introduces Analytics for Capture

Actionable information, process optimization Posted June 05, 2013

Powering information discovery and search needs

National Instruments selects Attivio's Active Intelligent Engine Posted June 03, 2013

Mobile BI solutions

Birst and Athreya partner Posted May 31, 2013

Yellowfin offers free BI for students, not-for-profits

Believes ‘BI for the many, not the few' Posted May 14, 2013

Improving services and saving money for Oklahoma citizens

Analyzing business processes and consolidating IT projects to achieve savings in software licensing and technology maintenance costs Posted May 06, 2013

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