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Michael Moon

Tens of thousands of business executives and professionals worldwide recognize Michael Moon, CEO and president of GISTICS, as a dynamic lecturer and leading authority on a digital asset management (DAM), automation of marketing services and multi-channel brands. Chief Executive Magazine featured him in the magazine’s “Technology Gurus” article in January 1999. Highly rated by Amazon reviewers (four-and-one-half stars), McGraw-Hill and its international affiliates now offers Mr. Moon’s book, “Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Age” in 13 languages, including Chinese (simplified and complex), Korean and all major European languages.

Articles by Michael Moon

Growth-oriented firms with increasingly diverse and demanding marketing operations now need more effective ways of engaging potential buyers across multiple markets, communication channels and collateral presentation formats. This means that marketing operations must cover online and traditional print, broadcast, packaging, in-person and point-of-purchase brand/customer touchpoints. Efforts to develop more effective global multichannel market communications often run into two operational barriers... Posted October 30, 2007

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