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Laurent Simoneau

President and Chief Executive Officer

Laurent Simoneau is president and CEO of Coveo, and one of the industry's top enterprise search experts. Laurent has been a driving force behind Coveo's industry recognition as a leading enterprise search company and the pioneer of enterprise search 2.0. Prior to Coveo, Laurent was CTO of Copernic, an early leader in desktop search. Coveo's more than 700 global implementations contribute to

Articles by Laurent Simoneau

Let's face it—data will never be contained; it will continue to proliferate, particularly with the growth in popularity of social networks and communities. Trying to move it into a single knowledgebase or other system of record is a losing battle. Instead, the key to unleashing your data's potential lies in the ability to access it anywhere, anytime and across any and all systems. . . . Posted April 17, 2011

Most knowledge managers know (according to Gartner) that data is doubling every 18 months, and that unstructured information volumes grow six times faster than structured. Clearly, workers spend far too much time—about 20% of their time, on average, looking for, not finding and recreating... Posted April 13, 2010

In today's marketplace, with data repositories across the enterprise growing at exponential rates, internal knowledge and relevant information is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retrieve when it is needed. With enterprise discovery... Posted May 04, 2009

Access to information in active and archived emails is critical. Email, in its purest definition, is a store-and-forward method of writing, sending, receiving and saving messages over electronic communication systems (Wikipedia)... Posted September 29, 2008

Financial services runs on information and time—two essential elements that are mostly at odds with each other. While time flies, information is locked in largely rigid matrices within most financial services firms. For the most part, it flows freely only through well-defined pipelines of self-contained systems, the infamous silos of information. Data held in separate systems can converge at consolidation points, but typically that can happen... Posted August 31, 2008

There are many drivers that require companies to manage knowledge more effectively... Posted October 30, 2007

Many drivers require companies to manage knowledge more effectively Posted April 30, 2007

If you can’t find it, you can’t manage it. Unfortunately, many executives have discovered this too late in the game—when they face regulatory compliance penalties, legal troubles or a corporate scandal. Posted November 01, 2006

There are many drivers that require companies to manage knowledge more effectively—the incredible rate at which electronic data is reproduced and stored... Posted March 29, 2006

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