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John Harney

John Harney is president of ASPWatch, a consultancy focusing on market, partner and technology strategy for ASPs.

Articles by John Harney

Search products are proliferating powerfully in both capabilities and applicability. Here's a snapshot of the search state of the art... Posted November 03, 2008

For the most part, Web 2.0 technologies have been the province of lay users experimenting with informal collaboration. But these tools are now proving useful for many business applications as well... Posted September 29, 2008

Along with the majors, niche players are perfecting SOA tools. Here’s a sampling from some of the better-known players. Posted April 26, 2006

Part I of this series defined service-oriented architecture (SOA), laid out its benefits and challenges for early adopters and discussed general types of tools required to map an SOA plan and create, deploy and manage an SOA. Part 2 offers descriptions of more granular subcategories of tool types and describes how some major platform players approach SOA. Posted February 24, 2006

An SOA is a complicated, usually multiyear undertaking, so the tools required can be various indeed. Here’s a sampling of the kind of activities SOA tools need to address as well as general explanations of tool types. Posted February 01, 2006

Transparent access and manipulation of content in heterogeneous CM systems--it’s a bit of a pipe dream now, but hold on to your hats Posted January 01, 2006

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