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Alan Pelz-Sharpe

VP & managing director VOCalis at Digital Clarity Group

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is VP & managing director VOCalis at Digital Clarity Group, email Twitter @alan_pelzsharpe

Articles by Alan Pelz-Sharpe

A chatbot is a digital language processing service, powered by rules and artificial intelligence that simulates human-like conversation. Posted January 30, 2017

The fact is that enterprise needs are complex, and running software on somebody else's infrastructure doesn't take away that complexity. The technology is not the critical failure point these days; it's the application of that technology that falls apart. Posted April 29, 2016

Due to ever-falling costs, high-availability data connections, smart mobile devices and the growth of cloud computing, knowledge management and enterprise collaboration in general are undergoing something of a rebirth. Posted March 01, 2014

Outside the organization, too, where social media has the reach and critical mass to make it a viable channel for customer interaction, enterprises are learning that its true value is in helping support the totality of its business activities.... Posted December 31, 2013

"In 2012, every vendor of KM-related technology has a cloud offering and uses the term in as many marketing messages as possible"... Posted July 05, 2012

When organizations buy knowledge and information management technology, they often do so from trusted and preferred suppliers. On the surface, that approach makes a great deal of sense, but a closer look at what is being sold will occasionally make you think twice. Information and knowledge management technology offerings would appear to have evolved in terms of complexity and breadth over the past decade. Yet, some offerings on sale today have long and sometimes infamous heritages, even though their branding and marketing may suggest they are shiny new and "cutting edge." Gaining an understanding of a product's ancestry is essential work to undertake for any technology buyer in today's market. Posted February 01, 2012

SharePoint 2010: It's worth looking at SharePoint 2010, what it promises and why so much buzz is being generated. Posted January 01, 2010

In the multichannel, customer-driven world in which we live, the pressure to meet ever-increasing information demands has never been more acute or complex. Yet, the birth of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) file format and the component content management (CCM) systems that leverage XML provide us with the tools to meet those demands. But tools are just that, tools to be used, and without a broader understanding and strategy for their use, they are of little value... Posted January 02, 2009

Posted November 03, 2008

You know you have an e-mail management problem, but what kind of problem? Defining the exact nature of your problem can be half the battle to finding a solution. Posted July 11, 2008

Without doubt, 2007 was an important transitional year for enterprise content management (ECM). We saw the emergence of the MOI vendors—Microsoft, Oracle and IBM—as serious players in the market, with the dual, and frequently contradictory, goals of bringing ECM to the masses and delivering sweeping content services as core infrastructure. Posted February 05, 2008

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