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KMWorld Best Practices White Papers: A Guide for Readers

This article is part of the Best Practices White Paper Customer Relationship Management [May 2004]

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The KMWorld Best Practice White Paper series serves sometimes as a filter, sometimes as an amplifier and sometimes as a simple communications link between those who have business goals to reach, and those who have the solutions to help achieve those goals.

As a filter, KMWorld White Papers narrow down to specific subject areas with each issue. You can focus on one subject at a time, and immerse yourself in the best solutions available to you from the larger “technology” marketplace. No distractions, no off-the-point content ... just a high-impact source for useful information.

As an amplifier, KMWorld White Papers can add volume to the message of a smaller, specialized vendor that you may not have heard from yet. Many of the sponsors of KMWorld White Papers don’t have the clout or the resources to run massive PR campaigns and marketing programs. What they DO have, however, are solutions that can be deployed in your organization that will bring competitive advantage and process improvement ... if only you could hear them.

And as a communications link, there just isn’t any other series of publications in the market that brings together buyers and sellers of information management tools quite like the KMWorld Best Practice series does.

How It Works

Annually, the KMWorld Specialty Publishing group creates an editorial calendar KMWorld White Papers for a full calendar year. Participants pinpoint specific issues where their message will be in the proper context to deliver their message to readers — like you — who are interested in their kind of solution, and their kind of solution only.

Our editors review all submissions for adherence to strict editorial guidelines. We do not allow “hype.” We DO allow reasoned explanations of their solutions, and how they can help. As a “business solutions” resource, we have every desire to publish only the most relevant, most workable and most cost-effective solutions for your business problems.

Our editorial calendar is not immovable. If you have a suggestion for a new topic, vertical market or technology space to explore, please contact us

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