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Knowledge work made simple

Action Technologies has expanded its ActionWorks BPM product software to unify knowledge work in team environments through a suite of Web-based collaboration, project management and administrative tools. The new ActionWorks provides the tools that allow global customers to reduce the time and cost of knowledge worker business processes by 40 to 60 percent and generate typical returns of more than 300 percent, Action Technology claims.

ActionWorks is said to be the only BPM package designed to allow the organization of knowledge work using: processes, projects, collaborations, case management and ad hoc interactions. In addition, all work agreements and negotiations show up in a calendar, dashboard and work box, allowing work to be managed through a unified application.

The expanded ActionWorks now provides functionality for managing complex work in environments where exceptions are the norm. Further, the company says, the software supports knowledge workers by enabling them to negotiate which work is to be done when and by whom, and then to assess whether the work has been completed as agreed. The software allows managers to start new team efforts from templates, structure work items with complex interdependencies, work in Gantt charts and create a package of work for one person or for many individuals.

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