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Migrate Google Drive content to SkyDrive Pro in Office 365 SharePoint

MetaVis reports its SharePoint migration platform now permits quickly and bulk migrate content stored in enterprise Google Drive accounts to SkyDrive Pro used for an Office 365 tenancy.

Customers can discover existing Google Drives and SkyDrive Pro accounts, copy content, convert Google documents to Microsoft Office formats, copy versions and metadata, as well as maintain permissions and sharing options for multiple Google Drives using a simple interactive wizard. This new functionality is included in the MetaVis Architecture Suite, which the company describes as, an easy-to-use tool that provides the ability to visualize and design SharePoint taxonomies; migrate content and metadata; classify content; and manage SharePoint information architectures.

The suite enables customers migrate File Shares, Google Drive, Exchange Public folder or SharePoint content to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online or another hosted SharePoint solution. It also includes pre-migration assessments to help identify potential issues before customers start migrating content and user permissions ensuring that security is maintained throughout SharePoint or Office 365.

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