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Advancing analytics with Logi Vision

Logi Analytics has launched Version 1.3 of Logi Vision, which blends new analytical capabilities with social features designed to transform data discovery from the purview of data scientists to anyone who needs data-driven insights.

The company says Logi Vision 1.3 is available to try as a downloadable, full-featured version, so users can work with their spreadsheets, cloud applications and corporate data within the security of their workplace, or via a hosted trial option. The company says Logi Vision 1.3 capabilities include:

  • mapping—the new version delivers geo-mapping with filled regions and bubble maps, both online and offline, as well as automatically geo-coding continents, countries, states and populated places so users do not need to engage IT or data experts to translate locations into latitude and longitude coordinates;
  • activity stream—similar to Twitter’s timeline and Facebook’s newsfeed, Logi Vision’s Activity Stream lets users view the most recent analytical activities of their colleagues, encouraging greater collaboration among users, and makes viewing and sharing insights easier; and
  • binning—Logi Vision automatically creates bins based on the data and allows for bin adjustments. In addition, users can easily create their own “bins” of information from scratch. They can further interact with their data by choosing top or bottom bins based on numbers or percentiles.

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