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Synchronizes more than 50,000 policies and procedures across its healthcare network Posted April 27, 2015

Reduced costs and greater ease of deployment for Web initiatives Posted April 20, 2015

Behavior-based automated programs Posted April 13, 2015

Flexible, easy-to-deploy solution Posted April 06, 2015

Speeds access to deal-related knowledge Posted March 30, 2015

Delivers contextually relevant content to consumers Posted March 23, 2015

Unified product and content search Posted March 16, 2015

Drives content reuse and promote standardization of its documentation Posted March 11, 2015

Nearly all departments now using Integrify Posted March 04, 2015

Kallo deploys its IT environment on the IBM cloud Posted February 25, 2015

Accurate record and rigorous control over access to documents Posted February 18, 2015

Meeting FDA producting labeling requirements Posted February 09, 2015

Ensures maximum uptime to support its brewing facilities Posted February 04, 2015

Full e-discovery solution from kCura Posted January 28, 2015

The system encompasses the entire bank structure, down to department levels and working groups Posted January 26, 2015

Deploys intelligent capture solution Posted January 19, 2015

Eliminating data redundancies and creating a central repository of marketing text and media assets Posted January 14, 2015

Taps Integrify for global solution Posted December 30, 2014

Deploys BPM solution to boost efficiency Posted December 15, 2014

Solution allows knowledge access without conflicting with existing security architecture Posted December 08, 2014

Capturing, processing and managing its student loan borrower correspondence Posted December 01, 2014

Deploys Integrify's enterprise request management solution Posted November 24, 2014

360-degree view of members across channels Posted November 19, 2014

Visa deploys Kofax TotalAgility Posted November 10, 2014

Integrated suite of applications and specific public sector functionality Posted October 27, 2014

Scalable, globally accessible and secure infrastructure Posted October 20, 2014

Drive customer retention while guaranteeing compliance Posted October 13, 2014

To leverage HP's big data platform HAVEn Posted October 08, 2014

Bridging consumer and enterprise experiences with one federated search access via the Web and via SharePoint Posted October 01, 2014

Kansas City adopts Web-based architecture Posted September 22, 2014

At any given time, Mayo Clinic is conducting more than 8,000 human studies in addition to the 170,000 that are ongoing worldwide Posted September 15, 2014

Enables customers to find answers easily to common questions Posted September 08, 2014

Delivering functionality for handling service requests, permits and licensing, work orders and assets Posted August 25, 2014

Deploys Integrify for enterprise request management Posted August 18, 2014

Integrating previously siloed medical and research data Posted August 11, 2014

Sensor technology promotes wellness and safety for clients Posted August 06, 2014

Low-cost, long-term data retention solution Posted July 28, 2014

New document management and workflow solution Posted July 21, 2014

Secure Web forms management and workflow automation Posted July 14, 2014

Information communicated by the sensors can be interpreted in real time Posted July 07, 2014

Forecast ad impressions based on precise behavioral, demographic and geographic audience segments Posted June 30, 2014

Full suite of operational modules suitable for e-commerce Posted June 25, 2014

Advanced search, tagging, filtering, rating and reporting capabilities Posted June 18, 2014

Mapping incoming data sets against each other to help consumers find the cars they want Posted June 11, 2014

Expanding distribution and reaching new booksellers worldwide Posted June 04, 2014

Integration between engineering teams and organizations in the supply chain Posted May 28, 2014

Achieves high level of medical care to Canadians through the evaluation of physicians Posted May 21, 2014

Deploys platform for mobile self-service Posted May 05, 2014

Meeting the needs of IT, communications, facilities and fleet departments Posted April 28, 2014

Leverages customer insights in real time Posted April 21, 2014

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