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David Weinberger

Posted March 01, 2000

“As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport.” — King Lear Posted February 28, 2000

Managing the unmanageable Posted February 21, 2000

The short answer for why we do it Posted February 14, 2000

David Weinberger responds to a book review Posted February 11, 2000

ClearType is an intermediary step that will make your text-based knowledge literally clearer. Posted January 31, 2000

I have nothing against Libertarians except that many of them seem drawn to it because it gives them a point of view that lets them utter statements they think are controversial but which are merely wrong. Posted January 15, 2000

The pod people are taking over. Posted January 10, 2000

Beware the word "merely" and its cousins "simply," "just" and "only." They are among the most political of words. And they're assassins. Posted January 03, 2000

Posted January 01, 2000

Posted December 20, 1999

At this auspicious time, we are all required by local statute and industry injunction to pontificate about the future. So, permit me to make my year-end, century-end and millennium-end forecasts. Posted December 13, 1999

Lurking is the art of staying silent while conversation happens all around you. Off the Web, lurking is sinister. On the Net, lurking is the best way to enter a conversation.. Posted December 06, 1999

Posted December 05, 1999

To heck with tacit knowledge. (Go for tacit documents instead.) Posted November 22, 1999

The Internet is full of misinformation, lies, statistics, and altered photographs. The famous are slandered, the gorgeous are compromised, the unknowns make up stuff just to be noticed. We all know that. Posted November 15, 1999

If people had brands, you'd think they were awfully shallow. "Hi, I'm Arnie, the Place for Puns," "Hello, I'm Alicia, the Melodious Voice Gal." So why is branding any better for companies? Posted November 09, 1999

Posted November 01, 1999

At the recent KMWorld '99 conference in Dallas I was able to spend some quality time with two of the key people behind a fascinating site, Posted October 25, 1999

On the Web, all information is communication. Posted October 18, 1999

Please raise your hand if you're a software vendor and you've ever once said that your "solution" delivers the right information to the right people at the right time. Add ten points if you ever added, in a knowing tone, "...and in the right way." Now Posted October 12, 1999

I've griped about Microsoft's Digital Dashboard (DD) before, but, heck, the right to gripe endlessly about the rich, powerful and obnoxious is the very basis of democracy. Posted October 01, 1999

Posted October 01, 1999

"The Web Isn't Transforming Business Documents ... It's Killing Them" Posted September 27, 1999

The following article appears in the most recent issue of the Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (JOHO) newsletter, authored by David Weinberger. Go read the whole thing on the Web, it's worth your time. Posted September 20, 1999

Posted September 01, 1999

Posted September 01, 1999

Posted September 01, 1999

Posted September 01, 1999

Posted August 01, 1999

The dark side of standards development, brought to you by Jetform and Posted August 01, 1999

The breakthrough companies look for from KM won't come from "knowledge assets." Posted July 01, 1999

Almost all moral reasoning is based on analogies, not principles. Posted June 01, 1999

Easter Eggs aren't just fun distractions -- they're a sign of humanity. Posted June 01, 1999

Here's a list of do's and don'ts for writing press releases. Posted June 01, 1999

Microsoft's Digital Dashboard is little more than a slick deception. Posted June 01, 1999

Mass marketing is getting automated -- is that good or bad? Posted May 01, 1999

Make your mission statement reflect your people. Posted May 01, 1999

Not everything is a portal, says David Weinberger. Life just isn't that simple. Posted May 01, 1999

Don't we know that KM is about more than just picking technologies? Posted May 01, 1999

Posted May 01, 1999

People get work done when they collaborate freely, despite what you may think. Posted April 01, 1999

What's the biggest secret in Business? David Weinberger clues us in. Posted April 01, 1999

Communities are forming on the Cluetrain, stopping at a corporation near you. Posted April 01, 1999

XML will cause us to write forms, not free-flowing documents, according to David Weinberger. Posted March 01, 1999

Using widgets from Minneapolis, David Weinberger builds a relationship between data, information and knowledge. Posted March 01, 1999

To make your company smarter, make better mistakes, says David Weinberger. Posted March 01, 1999

Sound it out: companies competing in the Web era had better learn to speak the language. Posted February 01, 1999

Knowledge sharing is an exercise in storytelling, says JOHO editor David Weinberger. Posted February 01, 1999

Content means nothing if you don't know how to find it or what to do with it. David Weinberger explains. Posted February 01, 1999

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