Just Published - Designing a Successful KM Strategy: A Guide for the Knowledge Management Professional

David Weinberger

Posted March 01, 2010

Posted February 01, 2010

Posted January 01, 2010

We have been in the Age of Information. What comes next? More exactly, what will we call what comes next?... Posted October 28, 2009

Posted September 29, 2009

Posted August 28, 2009

Posted July 03, 2009

Posted June 01, 2009

The Google Book Search settlement is huge, complex and overall a big step forward. But it's also quite scary. The world of print is about to change, mainly for the better... Posted May 01, 2009

Posted April 01, 2009

"...now we slap the "wisdom of the crowd" or "crowd sourcing" label on everything, as if to say: "Nope. You got your assumptions wrong. Get 'em right, and we can build the world's greatest encyclopedia, replace network TV and find lost cufflinks... Posted January 02, 2009

We will look back and be amazed that we were ever content with having a handful of newspapers, just as we used to have only three networks... Posted November 03, 2008

We are very confused about the meaning of the word "information." And that's for two good reasons... Posted September 29, 2008

Posted July 11, 2008

Posted May 30, 2008

Posted February 05, 2008

Posted February 01, 2007

It’s a sign of my late-blooming maturity (my 56th birthday is coming around but I still dress as if I’m going to summer camp) that I agreed to participate in a conference with the CIA... Posted October 27, 2006

I've been crawling through a book my favorite college professor gave me a couple of years ago. It's very hard because no topic causes philosophers to tangle themselves up quite so much as does knowledge. You get a philosopher trying to know knowledge and you will soon be lost in a circle of meta-knowing that spawns its own language before cycling into unknowability. Posted July 07, 2006

...Web pages almost always tell us what the destination of the link is about, and often what we ought to think about it. So, when Tim Berners-Lee issued the call for the Semantic Web, it wasn’t because there weren’t enough meaningful phrases online. Posted May 26, 2006

Posted April 26, 2006

Posted March 27, 2006

Posted February 24, 2006

"There's always been information," said a member of an information architects mailing list I audit. I think that's probably not true, and it has implications for what we think our businesses are made out of. Posted February 01, 2006

Posted January 01, 2006

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