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Accessing customer information online at branch offices reduces printing costs. Posted January 15, 1999

Adding Philips' WORM technology to its arsenal gives Plasmon a leg up in the removable storage market. Posted January 14, 1999

Newly-formed committee is pursuing a DVD spec compatible with all DVD formats. Posted January 11, 1999

Toyota will cut document storage needs by 75% by converting paper loans to electronic format. Posted January 11, 1999

Robert Angelo's experience from SystemSoft and Honeywell rounds out Cascade's new management team. Posted January 11, 1999

Sales coaching and innovation added to product set; CTP to offer service, support Posted January 08, 1999

Fortune 800 workers will better service and sell to larger-scale clients. Posted January 08, 1999

KM stalwart adds start-up's info retrieval and profiling expertise; Mahoney becomes president and CEO, Mueller remains chairman Posted January 05, 1999

Open Text has signed a purchase agreement to acquire certain assets of LAVA Systems Posted January 04, 1999

Automating the way it handles claims gives Penn Life more time for its customers. Posted December 30, 1998

Toyota engineers will use data visualization software to access and share product information. Posted December 29, 1998

Relational Matters' software better joins Cognos' BI products with data marts. Posted December 23, 1998

High-tech manufacturer plans for "phenomenal growth" with upgraded supply chain system. Posted December 23, 1998

TASC spins off a bill presentment division to complement its COLD products. Posted December 23, 1998

Cleveland's Charter One Bank looks to save $300k in the next year by outsourcing its document printing and distribution operations. Posted December 21, 1998

Sudhakar Shenoy will help Virginia's Innovative Technology Authority promote Virginia's high-tech offerings. Posted December 21, 1998

Southern looks to stay competitive in a deregulated industry by offering customers a flexible electronic option. Posted December 21, 1998

DataDirect technology embedded in Gentia's software means standards-based connectivity to enterprise apps. Posted December 21, 1998

Cherry Point Naval Air Depot will streamline its parts and materials delivery service. Posted December 18, 1998

Income doubles on 15% sales growth as Verity expands its reseller reach. Posted December 18, 1998

Number two charcoal manufacturer Royal Oak will roll out document imaging to its accounts receivable department. Posted December 17, 1998

Oblix closes $10.6 million funding round; Orbital gets $5.1 million of equity investments Posted December 17, 1998

The U.S. subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels puts documentation at the top of its priorities list. Posted December 17, 1998

Marketing automation with data mining gets retail chains closer to customers. Posted December 15, 1998

Workdraw Design/Analyst displays processes graphically for publishing online. Posted December 15, 1998

Verity's K2 search technology will help manage IBM's intellectual property database. Posted December 14, 1998

Managing procurement documents electronically will help improve operating efficiency. Posted December 14, 1998

New standard would better describe orders, bills and invoices used in manufacturing Posted December 14, 1998

Information on all patents granted since 1976 are now available online from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Posted December 14, 1998

A new global training system will help Ford engineers learn faster. Posted December 11, 1998

Companies want users to standardize their messaging on Domino and NetServer Posted December 11, 1998

Viasoft's Visual Process offers best practices and methodologies for simplifying tasks. Posted December 11, 1998

Intra.doc users will now have basic E-commerce and content management functionality. Posted December 10, 1998

Claims management will help insurance agencies retain existing customers rather than find new ones. Posted December 10, 1998

Hawaii Medical Services Administration expects a twelve-month ROI by processing forms electronically. Posted December 10, 1998

Susan Leandri will head development of AA's global Best Practices knowledgebase. Posted December 10, 1998

New business will convert and return customers' paper healthcare claims forms. Posted December 08, 1998

Combined XML server offers better online transactions and Internet applications. Posted December 08, 1998

Undaunted, Open Text extends its offer until December 11. Posted December 08, 1998

Storage vendor EMC Corporation is enhancing its customer service by implementing a knowledgebase. Posted December 07, 1998

As part of a customer service initiative, the USPS is deploying electronic forms at terminals nationwide. Posted December 07, 1998

ENVOI lets healthcare workers access, view, and distribute radiology reports and images. Posted December 07, 1998

Ericsson Data will resell Texcel's content management technology, which is helping Philips Business Communications manage and publish product information. Posted December 04, 1998

Cast your votes for technology applications that best fulfill the customer's business objective. Posted December 04, 1998

Optika announces Web-based eMedia solution to help financial institutions manage business transactions in both paper and electronic formats. Posted December 03, 1998

A potential marriage would be beneficial to both companies. Posted December 02, 1998

Document publishing roots form basis for Allegis' new Partner Relationship Management strategy. Posted November 30, 1998

Volkswagen's financial, legal, HR and R&D departments standardize on EDMS.  Posted November 30, 1998

Ex Sun-services exec will lead Serviceware's consulting and services arm. Posted November 30, 1998

New add-on lets Novation users find and retrieve information contained in electronic files. Posted November 25, 1998

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