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Combination blends customer-focused operations into one knowledge-based system. Posted March 03, 1999

Formtek users will benefit from better training, project management and outsourcing options Posted March 02, 1999

ARMA's user-centric focus is seen as more in line with the KMC's goals. Posted March 01, 1999

The W3C's new RDF standard would define what constitutes common metadata tags like title, author and format. Posted March 01, 1999

Carolyn Ticknor, one of the most powerful women in business, has multi-billion dollar pull at HP. Posted March 01, 1999

Lockheed suppliers are breaking down walls as they share information to build a Joint Strike Fighter. Posted February 26, 1999

Robert Lee took Insignia public, and has experience in reasoning and visualization technology. Posted February 26, 1999

Joining database information with electronic documents helps Banco Hipotecarios manage millions of bank records. Posted February 25, 1999

Forms processing technology eliminates headaches for national motor vehicle safety campaign. Posted February 24, 1999

Wright-Patterson AFB will simplify product and services development with lofty aspirations. Posted February 22, 1999

Adding XML flexibility makes it easier to publish with PDF. Posted February 22, 1999

Low-priced features abound in Caere's newest version of PageKeeper Pro. Posted February 22, 1999

Information distribution to remote offices is simpler and more cost-effective. Posted February 22, 1999

OLAP helps salespeople better plan for their customers' needs. Posted February 17, 1999

New conversion and viewing capabilities add flexibility to PDF -- but only for Windows users. Posted February 17, 1999

Standards work is slated for AIIM '99; meanwhile KMC looks for another partner. Posted February 13, 1999

Support staff gets the right answers to coworkers' questions at the right time -- immediately. Posted February 13, 1999

Sybase's new Business Intelligence division addresses vertical markets with packaged BI apps. Posted February 13, 1999

Users can personalize whole or partial documents to the Web or CD with Hynet's Directive Version 2.0 Posted February 11, 1999

Public access to millions of documents means time and money saved for Louisiana's Department of Natural Resources. Posted February 11, 1999

Allegis Sales Partner lets companies better manage their sales channel operations. Posted February 11, 1999

Web-based training produces reskilled, more competitive workers. Posted February 10, 1999

The University of Wisconsin moves from mainframe to Cypress to satisfy its high-volume printing needs. Posted February 09, 1999

Canadian forms vendor wants to be the forms authority, and is going online to get your vote. Posted February 08, 1999

Europe's second-largest auto supplier boosts productivity, speeds development with standardized platforms. Posted February 08, 1999

E-comm site now has a CKO to leverage customer knowledge. Posted February 08, 1999

Surrey County transportation division saves money by electronically managing engineering documents and correspondence. Posted February 08, 1999

Sharing product information shortens development time, boosts productivity for Oki Electric. Posted February 06, 1999

Another unsolicited takeover bid surfaces as Q2'99 financials ignore management turnover. Posted February 06, 1999

With workflow and document technologies American Express expects a 30% boost in productivity in its European customer service operations. Posted February 05, 1999

Adding Intraspect's collaborative environment to its business intelligence software is a "natural extension" for SAS Institute. Posted February 05, 1999

Questions surrounding its international business cause Inso to restate 1998 revenue. Posted February 01, 1999

Cuyahoga Clerk of Courts expects greater control of documents and more efficient operations. Posted February 01, 1999

A collection of technologies will update and streamline backoffice operations at the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico. Posted February 01, 1999

Publishing pioneer is ramping up operations to lead the market for XML and product information. Posted February 01, 1999

The acquisition of Lava Systems and a host of blue-chip customers caps a quarter of record revenues. Posted February 01, 1999

eMedia strengthened with integration of UWI.Com's secure Internet forms. Posted January 28, 1999

British power systems manufacturer orders $5 million of KM and electronic publishing technology. Posted January 28, 1999

Documentum and ATG deliver customized content and personalized e-commerce to Scudder shareholders. Posted January 26, 1999

Strategy to automate critical knowledge-based processes for global organizations pays off. Posted January 26, 1999

Announcements detail content analysis feature and a "precedent management" application for the legal market. Posted January 26, 1999

Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency deploys intranet for managing and publishing information. Posted January 26, 1999

IDM Forms will provide high-volume automated data capture/document management. Posted January 26, 1999

Unisys wants to develop NT-based imaging and workflow software on its own. Posted January 21, 1999

Forms processing powerhouse plans to expand sales and marketing efforts. Posted January 21, 1999

Caere's Developer Kit 2000 loads up on image capture technologies, leaves room for more. Posted January 20, 1999

Remote access to Schneider Automation's knowledgebase is empowering thousands of salespeople. Posted January 20, 1999

Documentum, PC DOCS, FileNet, Open Text made their marks in a converging industry. Posted January 18, 1999

Access to up-to-date info builds a knowledgeable sales force, personalized service and happier customers. Posted January 18, 1999

XyEnterprise will expand products, services to attract new customers with KM needs. Posted January 18, 1999

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