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Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe will pay $525 million to shelter image processing company. Posted April 06, 1999

Users of Allina's Knowledge Network share hospital information, contracts, and Y2K preparedness. Posted April 06, 1999

Communications vendor adds complementary call center, workflow and consulting expertise Posted April 05, 1999

Slowdown in customer demand overshadows competitive success, says CEO Miller Posted April 01, 1999

Teaching good manufacturing practices ensures regulatory compliance, competitive advantage Posted April 01, 1999

Electronic taxpayer files quickly accessed for better customer service, government compliance Posted March 31, 1999

FormWare add-on module extracts, exports data from HCFA and UB92 documents. Posted March 30, 1999

Infusion of KM, E-comm beefs up CA's global services and Jasmine object-oriented database. Posted March 30, 1999

Verge targets service firms with a first-generation KM application. Posted March 29, 1999

In a new report IDC claims knowledge portals will fundamentally impact IT spending and usage. Posted March 29, 1999

Information Server add-on helps people better organize textual information. Posted March 29, 1999

Management of non-production resources sweetens IT investment for Nestle USA. Posted March 29, 1999

Deal fusing content management and XML brings new customers, but technologies may overlap. Posted March 26, 1999

Altris Software conquers a disappointing year with a long-awaited software upgrade. Posted March 25, 1999

Upgrade to Allegis' Net-It Central shows tight support for Office 2000. Posted March 25, 1999

Oregon county judges are handing down sentences aided by an innovative information portal. Posted March 24, 1999

Profound Solutions is blazing new trails for distributing content in its native format. Posted March 24, 1999

Gary Sbona tabbed as chairman thanks to his company's growth. Posted March 19, 1999

Enhanced controls and reporting capabilities make forms processing more efficient. Posted March 19, 1999

Application series, platform offer collaboration, support for specific business functions Posted March 19, 1999

Electric Boat turns a million pages into manageable CD-ROM format. Posted March 18, 1999

Leveraging information as knowledge creates competitive advantage for global consultancy. Posted March 17, 1999

Stephen Huggins will promote knowledge sharing across the $4 billion aerospace manufacturing company. Posted March 17, 1999

Managing drug development documents more efficiently can save millions. Posted March 16, 1999

Intraspect solution provides the high-tech industry with a dynamic portal for gathering, sharing and re-using critical Y2K experiences Posted March 11, 1999

Arthur Andersen's Best Practices Automotive Forum surveys 27 automotive suppliers to identify winning KM practices Posted March 11, 1999

BI and data warehouse experts pool resources Posted March 10, 1999

Wall Street Journal reports Kodak may be looking to sell Eastman Posted March 10, 1999

Sending back-office data electronically or on paper makes Vlasic more flexibile to suppliers' needs. Posted March 05, 1999

Business intelligence + document management = Enterprise Knowledge Portal, due in late 1999. Posted March 05, 1999

Docucon will help convert technical manuals to SGML for future database storage. Posted March 04, 1999

Inexpensive tool for online information gathering is now available from IntelliSeek Posted March 04, 1999

Combination blends customer-focused operations into one knowledge-based system. Posted March 03, 1999

Formtek users will benefit from better training, project management and outsourcing options Posted March 02, 1999

ARMA's user-centric focus is seen as more in line with the KMC's goals. Posted March 01, 1999

The W3C's new RDF standard would define what constitutes common metadata tags like title, author and format. Posted March 01, 1999

Carolyn Ticknor, one of the most powerful women in business, has multi-billion dollar pull at HP. Posted March 01, 1999

Lockheed suppliers are breaking down walls as they share information to build a Joint Strike Fighter. Posted February 26, 1999

Robert Lee took Insignia public, and has experience in reasoning and visualization technology. Posted February 26, 1999

Joining database information with electronic documents helps Banco Hipotecarios manage millions of bank records. Posted February 25, 1999

Forms processing technology eliminates headaches for national motor vehicle safety campaign. Posted February 24, 1999

Wright-Patterson AFB will simplify product and services development with lofty aspirations. Posted February 22, 1999

Adding XML flexibility makes it easier to publish with PDF. Posted February 22, 1999

Low-priced features abound in Caere's newest version of PageKeeper Pro. Posted February 22, 1999

Information distribution to remote offices is simpler and more cost-effective. Posted February 22, 1999

OLAP helps salespeople better plan for their customers' needs. Posted February 17, 1999

New conversion and viewing capabilities add flexibility to PDF -- but only for Windows users. Posted February 17, 1999

Standards work is slated for AIIM '99; meanwhile KMC looks for another partner. Posted February 13, 1999

Support staff gets the right answers to coworkers' questions at the right time -- immediately. Posted February 13, 1999

Sybase's new Business Intelligence division addresses vertical markets with packaged BI apps. Posted February 13, 1999

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