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The acquisition of IBM's online content services propels KnowledgeLink to the top of the knowledge broker charts. Posted May 07, 1998

With a new version of Livelink and a huge installation at Ford, Open Text looks to add to its record revenues. Posted May 06, 1998

Star and Excalibur to co-promote KM system components Posted May 06, 1998

PC Docs names president Posted May 06, 1998

Cambridge Technology Partners and Fulcrum to deliver KM solutions Posted May 06, 1998

Ixos' jukebox management software will be combined with SRA's Assentor E-mail message screening system, to create a turnkey E-mail compliance and archival system for the security industry. Posted May 06, 1998

Canadian law firm sides with Fulcrum Posted May 06, 1998

New Video Analysis Engine (VAE) reaffirms Excalibur's unique support of information sources with different formats. Posted May 06, 1998

Livelink 8 incluces a new modular architecture, and an enterprise spider for collecting and delivering information. Posted May 06, 1998

The combination of IMR's Alchemy with iXOS' Jukeman will create a formidable NT-based storage management solution. Posted May 06, 1998

Taking on the moniker of its subsidiary, the company wants to make a new name for itself in the document management space. Posted May 05, 1998

The world's third largest PC manufacturer will roll out Glovia's ERP system for its worldwide manufacturing systems initiative. Posted May 05, 1998

Looking to outsource the storage and conversion of its personnel records, the U.S. Army enlists the help of Curran Data Technologies. Posted May 04, 1998

MediClaim, the newest member of the Teleform family, is poised to help reduce the $600 billion spent annually on processing Medicare claims. Posted May 01, 1998

With a new version of Livelink and a huge installation at Ford, Open Text looks to add to its record revenues. Posted May 01, 1998

With a new enterprise-wide document management system based on FileNet's Panagon suite, the NRC plans to achieve a critical mass of information flow. Posted May 01, 1998

KMWorld contributing editor Hal Glatzer reports that neither Kodak nor Sony wants to play in a market where they can't be a top contender. Posted April 30, 1998

Principals and consultants from Ernst & Young and the newly-formed Lighthouse Consulting will be on hand at KMWorld's KM Resource Center to address your KM questions and needs. Posted April 30, 1998

Adding e-commerce to document management makes it easier to publish and exchange information across the Web ­ and get paid for it. Posted April 30, 1998

AIIM and Kinetic Information recognize those organizations with the most innovative corporate applications of information management technologies ­ and the vendors behind them. Posted April 29, 1998

By joining forces, the two consulting companies will help insurance companies improve their business and IT performance via best practice reference models. Posted April 27, 1998

The image capture and processing firm and knowledge retrieval outfit hope to increase visibility ­and profits­ through joint sales calls, promotional programs and seminars, Posted April 23, 1998

With the sale of its display business to current management, Cornerstone looks to sail into the future with its document capture software. Posted April 22, 1998

Earnings subside a bit as the Far East economy slows sales decisions, but a new deal with Toshiba is expected to stir things up a bit. Posted April 21, 1998

After nearly nine months, PC Docs has appointed its new leader from within. Posted April 21, 1998

CTP, a leading management consulting and systems integration firm, and Fulcrum, a knowledge retrieval outfit, join hands to bring an integrated KM message to organizations across the land. Posted April 20, 1998

Financial services and insurance organizations will especially benefit by the deal, which will allow them to change their Metacode and AFP information into the more friendly PDF format. Posted April 17, 1998

Plain and simple, Influence's Knowledge Gallery lets you access or distribute information in familiar formats across your organization. And isn't that what it's all about? Posted April 17, 1998

Ixos' jukebox management software, combined with SRA's Assentor E-mail message screening system, creates a turnkey E-mail compliance and archival system for the securities industry. Posted April 14, 1998

The Department of Commerce agency now offers online access to technical documents. Posted April 14, 1998

With a new line of product data management products under the Windchill label, PTC makes PDM as easy as do-re-mi, ABC, or 1-2-3. Posted April 14, 1998

Cambridge Technology Partners will include Broadvision's One-to-One product line in its CoRad rapid application development approach. Posted April 13, 1998

Softnet's CEO bows out, a new COO, CTO and CFO are named, and the company reveals it's considering selling its telecom business. Posted April 10, 1998

Lava goes down under to solve document management and workflow problems for Victoria's South Gippsland Shire Council. Posted April 10, 1998

Want Web access to source documents over your intranet, without the hassle of HTML conversion? Interleaf's BusinessWeb Plus may be for you. Posted April 10, 1998

On the heels of Eastman Software's release of the WFX workflow suite, the Microsoft Exchange messaging platform gets another technology boost with Keyflow Version 3.0. Posted April 09, 1998

Curtis Abel returns to the fold, having spent the last two years as Mitek's VP of sales and marketing. Posted April 09, 1998

The Screening Room made waves at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference last week. Posted April 09, 1998

Fulcrum's Knowledge Network pleads its case for Tory Tory DesLauriers & Binnington's knowledge management initiative, and both parties come out on top. Posted April 09, 1998

Dual encoders and a UT engine make image compression twice as nice -- and twice as fast. Posted April 09, 1998

Citing a potential 45% growth rate in the market by the year 2000, Xerox says that the document services business is the place to be. Posted April 08, 1998

Livelink Version 8 includes a spider and scheduling software obtained through its December 1997 acquisition of OnTime. Posted April 08, 1998

Financial institutions that are 20,000 leagues under a sea of paper can bank on Imagesoft's document imaging system. Posted April 08, 1998

Avoid physical courier hassles and security headaches with Intrasect's docSpace Express. And by the way, it's free. Posted April 08, 1998

Looking for KM solutions to aid help desk operators, Remedy has come calling at Serviceware's door. Posted April 07, 1998

The two companies cook up a CD storage management solution by mixing Jukeman with Alchemy. Posted April 07, 1998

Knowledge processing is the name of the game with Computron Version 4.0. Posted April 07, 1998

While qualified IT personnel may be hard to come by these days, CIOs are still planning to fill critical IT positions at an accelerated rate. Posted April 06, 1998

Paper and electronic document verification merge as Neomedia's Intelligent Document technology meets Standard Register's document management and processing expertise. Posted April 06, 1998

Eaton chooses to stick with Reynolds' document management offerings, citing six-figure cost savings, "excellent" service and a good business relationship. Posted April 06, 1998

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