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Xerox, MS, Compaq want to join paper, digital worlds through the Document Centre Posted May 19, 1999

Response to Y2K readiness inquiries is now an automated task for Commerzbank. Posted May 17, 1999

South African IT company Spescom invests in Altris to spread its global wings Posted May 14, 1999

William Reh takes the reigns as Readsoft continues U.S. expansion and reorganization Posted May 13, 1999

Cost cuts, better business processes to come from new process automation software Posted May 13, 1999

Batch distribution, support for color apps headline Accel upgrade Posted May 12, 1999

Customers get quicker access to digitized engineers' documents Posted May 12, 1999

Fast access to 4,000 forms and manuals now possible for Air Force personnel Posted May 06, 1999

Quick access to personnel files gives Canada's DND a leg up Posted May 06, 1999

Kelly Air Force Base ready to electronically convert thousands of technical manuals. Posted May 06, 1999

Bullish outlook for the future outweighs today's disappointing returns Posted May 06, 1999

Abe Kleinfeld will lead strategic direction for new media knowledge transfer vendor. Posted May 06, 1999

Dutch police given up-to-the-minute access to criminal data, better decision support Posted May 05, 1999

Former Retek VP Steve Fluin takes over, will continue to lead WW sales operations Posted May 05, 1999

Viador's portals will provide Web-based access to reports and information in five departments. Posted May 05, 1999

B2B service directory, personalized content, links to front-office data spell the future for SAP. Posted May 05, 1999

For Fairfax County, "CRM" means citizen response management Posted May 05, 1999

Patent information now available online Posted May 04, 1999

Enigma takes off with a boost from Rolls-Royce Posted May 04, 1999

One foot in mainframe, one in client-server Posted May 04, 1999

Enigma, Adobe enable intelligent publishing Posted May 04, 1999

Knowledge sharing gives bottom-line benefits to Cap Gemini Posted May 04, 1999

Searching for info nuggets is easier in real time, says Autonomy. Posted May 04, 1999

Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky plans to share, not hoard, internal knowledge with the help of PC DOCS Posted April 30, 1999

The Globe & Mail uses Verity as its search technology on both the front and back end. Posted April 30, 1999

Knowledge sharing across product development teams seen as "the next generation" of PDM. Posted April 29, 1999

Users can track, route and store correspondences electronically. Posted April 29, 1999

Wells Fargo hitches up Glyphica's PortalWare to stretch its intranet capabilities. Posted April 29, 1999

Curries Co. trashed paper job tracking in favor of AS/400 document management system. Posted April 28, 1999

Industry Solutions product/services umbrella to account for half of all Xerox revenue by 2010. Posted April 28, 1999

Losses slashed as services, maintenance revenue spikes; new deals announced with Xerox, Arthur Andersen Posted April 26, 1999

Online project management will make Naval construction paperless by Y2K. Posted April 25, 1999

KTM Motorcycle lets its dealers locate parts and place orders on its Web site, using legacy AS/400 systems. Posted April 22, 1999

Aurigin, Spotfire join to boost value of drug development R&D Posted April 21, 1999

Add documents, spreadsheets and presentations to a site in minutes with DOCSSite. Posted April 21, 1999

Royal & Sun Life staff gets policy information fast, improving customer service. Posted April 19, 1999

Upgraded standards-based architecture equals but doesn't outshine competition, says Delphi. Posted April 15, 1999

Corporate Portal Guide looks to bring Yahoo! to corporate portals, but is less more? Posted April 15, 1999

Reduced service inquiries, productive staff and happy customers result from KM efforts. Posted April 14, 1999

New unit offers service and support for enterprise-wide systems Posted April 14, 1999

ONEStone's Prozessware brings Domino oh-so-closer to being a knowledge management engine. Posted April 14, 1999

Powerscan's IDEA technology captures information from text, pictures and video. Posted April 14, 1999

Cardiff and Adobe team up to offer automated forms processing for PDF documents. Posted April 14, 1999

Semio Taxonomy interprets, categorizes and links text from practically anywhere. Posted April 13, 1999

Onset will use Caere's OCR technology to deliver faxes to desktops via E-mail. Posted April 13, 1999

DocsFulcrum 3.0 finally delivers on integration promise; Fusion offers industry's first fault tolerance Posted April 13, 1999

Beehive profiles who knows what, routing requests directly to the experts. Posted April 13, 1999

US Department of Health and Human Services standardizes work processes to cut costs, ease maintenance. Posted April 12, 1999

Gentia and Arthur Andersen join forces to offer companies a look at their best business opportunities. Posted April 12, 1999

Searching for info nuggets is easier in real time, says Autonomy. Posted April 07, 1999

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