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Productivity, information sharing expected from technology investment Posted July 13, 1999

NCR leads the way for the U.S. Postal Service's point of service program Posted July 13, 1999

Altris, CACI keep Britain's Virgin Trains operations on track Posted July 13, 1999

Annual MER conference presents the ins and outs of electronic records management Posted July 12, 1999

Nokia, Skandia, Siemens, BP Amoco and Celemi sucessful in knowledge creation and sharing Posted July 12, 1999

A unified IT infrastructure speeds responsiveness to constituents, lures new business for Ohio hub Posted July 08, 1999

BICS-Banque Populaire ditches film for Anacomp document management system Posted July 08, 1999

Aufdemberge appointment part of plan to assert presence in world's largest IT market Posted July 06, 1999

Virginia's DMME turns to technology for productivity improvements Posted July 06, 1999

MacroSoft's Synergy gives SER Group North American exposure, inroads to U.S. financial services Posted July 01, 1999

Glaxo Wellcome sees improved productivity, collaboration with technology-supported KM plan Posted July 01, 1999

SFA lets Frost & Sullivan send personalized info to one and all Posted June 29, 1999

Ex-MSN GM Mike Mathieu brings Internet savvy, project management skills to document services firm Posted June 29, 1999

Other vendors can now license Autonomy's categorization technology. Posted June 28, 1999

Collaborative healthcare soon a reality for cancer institute and Boston-area hospitals Posted June 28, 1999

Sales Partner keeps you in control of company's channel performance Posted June 28, 1999

Joseph Larson founded Cardiff, Great Plains Software before a fatal plane crash in April. Posted June 28, 1999

CenturyTel will use iXOS in accounts payable to manage invoices, vouchers and SAP data. Posted June 23, 1999

IBM middleware gets competitive intelligence boost from new versions of Knowledge.Works and IntelAssist Posted June 23, 1999

FormWare plus Acrobat Capture equals standard format for capturing & distributing information Posted June 23, 1999

Novartis' European offices are collaborating with help from Cogos and Microsoft. Posted June 21, 1999

KnowledgeTrack takes the portal high road with its Knowledge Center application. Posted June 21, 1999

Cummins Engine adopts self-help access to HR info as part of sweeping cost-cutting initiatives. Posted June 21, 1999

Getting there is not easy, said Tom DeMarco, but here's how to start. Posted June 21, 1999

Understanding culture, finding a champion, people networks top list of concerns Posted June 18, 1999

CTP guru Thornton May used humor and research to outline IT's failures and possible fixes Posted June 18, 1999

Verna Allee outlined a roadmap for knowledge age accounting in her KM Leadership Summit keynote speech. Posted June 18, 1999

Seagate Analysis and a 50-user license of Info 7 are now free for the download Posted June 16, 1999

Canon's MultiSpot software lets you print or scan faxed documents to a workgroup Posted June 16, 1999

PSINet Europe made the switch from proprietary to Web-based document management, saving money and headaches. Posted June 14, 1999

Viador under the hood of Citigroup's business data analysis portal Posted June 14, 1999

Digital Workplace services centered around customer questions, points of pain Posted June 14, 1999

NEC's AMORE manages digital images for richer knowledge sharing Posted June 14, 1999

Pilot's Balanced ScoreCard and REBIS analyze data to help solving pressing business problems. Posted June 10, 1999

Spreading workflow across the infrastructure can cut app development costs in half Posted June 10, 1999

Portal is new part of knowledge transfer package Posted June 10, 1999

Silicon Graphics and an international supplier share ideas using Open Text's LiveLink Posted June 07, 1999

Patents, licenses and know-how seen as keys to business strategy Posted June 07, 1999

Publishing manuals electronically lets GE speed information to aircraft engineers Posted June 03, 1999

Organik's Knowledgeware lets you unlock your corporate knowledge through E-mail or the Web Posted June 03, 1999

Processing time cards will save money, boost speed & accuracy for information collection. Posted June 02, 1999

New electronic document delivery service transfers documents with the push of a button Posted June 01, 1999

Portal platform builds on Web application focus Posted June 01, 1999

Electronic filing approach will automate policy issues from "cradle-to-grave." Posted May 27, 1999

Joseph Busque will take the U.S. reigns for Israeli forms processing company Posted May 27, 1999

Up-to-date info from WisdomWare help sales force reps close more business Posted May 27, 1999

KWorld will provide global access to internal and external knowledge with a click. Posted May 26, 1999

OneTouch CEO Craig Conway to spearhead new portal-based strategy Posted May 25, 1999

New tools available for leveraging knowledge to enhance product development. Posted May 20, 1999

Document and output management brings information to suppliers, employees. Posted May 20, 1999

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