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Also announces support for Oracle, Plumtree and Viador portals Posted October 11, 2000

KM.Studio takes aim at financial markets Posted October 09, 2000

Nimble collaborative manufacturing software Posted October 09, 2000

Patent and trademark office goes with i4i Posted October 09, 2000

IBM, Secant help drive KM in biotech Posted October 04, 2000

Portal Version 4.0 offers enhanced speed and functionality Posted October 04, 2000

PSOs can assess benefits of collaboration software Posted October 04, 2000

Announces content management solutions, partnerships Posted October 02, 2000

New e-commercial analytical tool Posted October 02, 2000

PeopleSoft and IBM create joint initiative Posted October 02, 2000

Lotus K-station breaks into portal space Posted September 27, 2000

Houston-based firm comes out of stealth mode Posted September 27, 2000

Semio and PPC join forces Posted September 27, 2000

Breaks into Asian markets Posted September 25, 2000

Switzerland next target for Work2Gether Posted September 25, 2000

Tool to identify e-business data design problems Posted September 25, 2000

U.K. firm buys U.S. research and content company Posted September 20, 2000

Access to corporate knowledge in real time Posted September 20, 2000

Enhanced value information retrieval for portal Posted September 20, 2000

Darwin technology takes retrieval to new level Posted September 18, 2000

Namesake software now integrated with Web Posted September 18, 2000

Companies to facilitate access to published information Posted September 18, 2000

Editing, re-use, assembly and multi-channel delivery Posted September 13, 2000

Initially to target three vertical markets Posted September 13, 2000

Companies can become full ASPs Posted September 13, 2000

The Patent & License Exchange takes scientific approach Posted September 11, 2000

Thru-Put develops Web-based solution Posted September 11, 2000

Service directs customers, employees to full story Posted September 11, 2000

Software handles transactions beginning to end Posted September 06, 2000

New partnership designed to speed data warehouses, Webhouses Posted September 06, 2000

Integrated solution for demand and supply chains Posted September 06, 2000

Vignette tabs Synchrony for customer integration management Posted September 05, 2000

Initiative integrates Adobe GoLive 5.0 with Allaire ColdFusion Posted September 05, 2000

Said to simplify UML modeling--oncluding Java and XML Posted September 05, 2000

Chemists to benefit from integration of SciFinder 2000, Aureka WorkBench Posted August 30, 2000

Partnership with Netegrity to enhance authorization and authentication Posted August 30, 2000

Adds functionality to Brio.Insight Posted August 30, 2000

SmartForce to embed Docent learning management capabilities Posted August 28, 2000

Process management company to become independent Posted August 28, 2000

Merger to strengthen communities and commerce Posted August 28, 2000

Emphasis on user-centric functionality Posted August 21, 2000

Drop-in server engine that finds key content within an online document Posted August 21, 2000

Categorization and browsing in portal environment Posted August 21, 2000

Lightening the load of Internet data integration Posted August 16, 2000

Information infrastructure for medical, IT, pharmaceutical companies Posted August 16, 2000

Focus on e-mail and staff management to facilitate KM and eCRM Posted August 16, 2000

Professional version 2.5 designed for Microsoft Office Posted August 14, 2000

Integrates XML capabilities and customer support Posted August 14, 2000

Full search and knowledge mining now available Posted August 14, 2000

World’s largest consulting and accounting firms end decade-long conflict Posted August 09, 2000

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