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On the heels of Eastman Software's release of the WFX workflow suite, the Microsoft Exchange messaging platform gets another technology boost with Keyflow Version 3.0. Posted April 09, 1998

Curtis Abel returns to the fold, having spent the last two years as Mitek's VP of sales and marketing. Posted April 09, 1998

The Screening Room made waves at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference last week. Posted April 09, 1998

Fulcrum's Knowledge Network pleads its case for Tory Tory DesLauriers & Binnington's knowledge management initiative, and both parties come out on top. Posted April 09, 1998

Dual encoders and a UT engine make image compression twice as nice -- and twice as fast. Posted April 09, 1998

Citing a potential 45% growth rate in the market by the year 2000, Xerox says that the document services business is the place to be. Posted April 08, 1998

Livelink Version 8 includes a spider and scheduling software obtained through its December 1997 acquisition of OnTime. Posted April 08, 1998

Financial institutions that are 20,000 leagues under a sea of paper can bank on Imagesoft's document imaging system. Posted April 08, 1998

Avoid physical courier hassles and security headaches with Intrasect's docSpace Express. And by the way, it's free. Posted April 08, 1998

Looking for KM solutions to aid help desk operators, Remedy has come calling at Serviceware's door. Posted April 07, 1998

The two companies cook up a CD storage management solution by mixing Jukeman with Alchemy. Posted April 07, 1998

Knowledge processing is the name of the game with Computron Version 4.0. Posted April 07, 1998

While qualified IT personnel may be hard to come by these days, CIOs are still planning to fill critical IT positions at an accelerated rate. Posted April 06, 1998

Paper and electronic document verification merge as Neomedia's Intelligent Document technology meets Standard Register's document management and processing expertise. Posted April 06, 1998

Eaton chooses to stick with Reynolds' document management offerings, citing six-figure cost savings, "excellent" service and a good business relationship. Posted April 06, 1998

Thanks to acquisitions, sales and repositioning, Star's year-end revenue is up drastically from last year, and the future looks bright. Posted April 06, 1998

Unisys, Datacap, Scan-Optics and others help Revenue Canada solve a taxing paper problem. Posted April 06, 1998

As storm clouds gather over the company's financial performance since 1997, Altris must now navigate the rough waters ahead with an interim skipper. Posted April 06, 1998

But information technology still has some explaining to do, say some execs, before it's viewed as affecting the bottom line. Posted April 03, 1998

QRT's document management system helps Gillette's financial services division shave document processing costs. Posted April 03, 1998

The two companies hit the road to bring their data warehousing/data mining message to IT professionals. Posted April 03, 1998

What do you get when you combine ERP with SCM? In this case, you get Manugistics Integrator for Glovia. Users in the automotive, electronics, industrial and telecommunications industries will benefit. Posted April 03, 1998

Unisys, Datacap, Scan-Optics and others help Revenue Canada solve a taxing paper problem. Posted April 03, 1998

Knowledge management meets supply chain management as Documentum is elevated to Developer Partner status. Posted April 02, 1998

New features include foreign language support, data discovery capabilities and enhanced security and administration features. Posted April 02, 1998

NorTel will use the system to provide access to information passing through its legal and HR department. Posted April 02, 1998

Strategic business units will work to get network-centric database products on corporate radar screens. Posted April 02, 1998

Annotation features, thumbnail references and other goodies are what the company's customers asked for. Posted April 02, 1998

The two companies take wireless technology to the top of the telecom tower. Posted April 02, 1998

Monsanto, HP and KnowledgeFlow all use the Plumtree intranet server to help manage documents, E-mail, database reports and other business-relevant information. Posted April 02, 1998

The deal joins Knowledge Network with TIS' Flite software development lab. Posted April 02, 1998

The financial, utility and payment processing industries will benefit from the combination of Wheb's data capture technology with WFS' check and remittance processing applications. Posted April 02, 1998

Sales of its imaging plug-in and forms processing toolkit helped drive licensing and royalties revenue to a 64% gain from the same period last year. Posted April 02, 1998

The combined system will help manufacturers comply with OSHA, ISO and SEMP standards. Posted April 02, 1998

Macola's financial, manufacturing and distribution software gets energized with ImageNavigator's document imaging power. Posted April 02, 1998

The combination of Big Blue with EDMS makes a powerful duo to combat KM confusion. Posted April 02, 1998

Carilion Health System will use the combined system to solve some of its customer service, productivity and communications needs. Posted April 02, 1998

FileNet will deploy components of its Panagon document imaging suite to consolidate millions of documents into a single repository. Posted April 02, 1998

Recent restructuring activities bear fruit in the form of 21% more revenue and positive earnings. Posted April 02, 1998

Tivoli will use ServiceWare's Knowledge-Pak suite in its support desk software for SAP's R/3 system. Posted April 02, 1998

Open Text's Livelink Intranet will help Nissan Finance Limited avoid document management potholes. Posted April 02, 1998

Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office will use Excalibur's Retrievalware to support its own records archival system. Posted April 02, 1998

Datacap, FileNet and TMSSequoia are all helping make the next census run more smoothly. Posted April 02, 1998

The newest version of TeamWare's groupware solution helps enterprises and mobile workers to share and manage information efficiently. Posted April 02, 1998

The system, which includes a modular design from NSM jukebox, helps manage CDs in a single environment. Posted April 02, 1998

Open Text's Livelink Intranet will help UK-based Nissan Finance Limited avoid document management potholes. Posted April 02, 1998

While it's not quite the "Locomotion" of dance hall fame, e-motion's Digital Content Management System helps media organizations get their digital assets back on track. Posted April 02, 1998

The deal combines Lanvision's document imaging and workflow products with SMS' Novius client/server application. Posted April 02, 1998

Users can access images online, anytime, anywhere. Posted April 02, 1998

Imagination's ActiveX components lets Blue Water's imaging product swim with the 32-bit sharks. Posted April 02, 1998

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